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Research Publications:

1. Tanpowpong K. Saisulul I, Kittimanont H, Rattanasiri S. Outcome of myringotomy with
    Ventilation Tube for Otitis Media with Efusion in Thai Children: Ramathibodi Experiences.
    J Med Assoc Thai. 2007; 90: 1-6   Abstract

2. Tanpowpong K ,Chirathiti C. Filtration efficiency of the ramathibodi nasal filter evaluated
    by rhinomanometry in high concentration level of laser smoke particle. J Med Assoc Thai
    2002; 85: 772-7    Abstract

3. Tanpowpong K, Chiratthatti  C. Efficacy of Ramathibodi nasal filter in a simulated human airway
    evaluated by laser diode dust portable monitor under low laser smoke particle concentration.
    J  Med Assoc Thai 2002;85:195-99.   Abstract

4.  Tanpowpong K, Koythong W. Suspended particulate matter in the office room compared
     with that as laser smoke particle in the operative room before, during and after laser evaporation.
     J  Med Assoc Thai 2002;85:53-7.   

5. Tanpowpong K, Chiratthatti  C.  The Ramathibodi nasal filter in a simulated human airway evaluated 
     with laser smoke particle and laser diode dust  portable counter. J  Med Assoc Thai 2002;84:1667-73.

5.  Tanpowpong K.  Personal respiratory protective devices: efficacy of millipore and whatman filters.
     J Med Assoc Thai 2000;83:117-122

6.  Tanpowpong K.  Nasal model and lung model machine for intranasal stent with filters efficacy
     evaluation. J Med Assoc Thai 2000;83:1077-1081

7.  Tanpowpong K.  Efficacy of intranasal stent with filters for different laser smoke particle 
     concentration. J Med Assoc Thai 2000;83:1302-6.

8. Tanpowpong K. Personal respiratory protective devices: Efficacy of intranasal stent with
     filters. J Med Assoc Thai 2000;83:21-27   Abstract

9.  Chuansumrit A. Isarangkura P. Angchaisuksiri N. Sriudomporn N. Tanpowpong K. Hathirat P.
     Jorgensens N. Controlling acute bleeding episodes with recombinant factor viia in haemophiliacs
     with inhibitor: continuous infusion and bolus injection. Haemophillia 2000;6:61-65

10. Tanpowpong K.  Experiment of Intranasal Synthetic filter for prevention of Suspened Particulate
      Matter: Rhinomanometric evaluation. J Med Assoc Thai 1998;81:608-615   Abstract

11. Tanpowpong K. Efficacy of intranasal silicone Stent with Three-layer Filter for Laser 
     Smoke Particles Evaluated with 0.22 micron Pore Size Millipore Filter. Rama Med J 1997;

12. Tanpowpong K.  Diagnosis of Lateral Neck Mass in Adult: Role of Fine Needle aspiration Biopsy.
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15. Tanpowpong K, Suwannuraks M. Subcutaneous Emphysema after Dental Extraction.
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16. Tanpowpong K, Boongird P, Sirigulchayanont V. Otogenic Tetanus with Cholesteatoma:
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     College of Surgeons of Thailand 1994;37:14-17

22. Tanpowpong K,  Kulpradittharom B, Kunachak S. Comparative Study on Tuberculous and Non-
      tuberculous Cervical Lymphadenopathy. Journal of the International College of Surgeons 
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34. Chan KH, Swarts JO, Doye WJ, Tanpowpong K, Kardatzke DR. Efficacy of a new macrolide
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35. Chuansumrit A, Isarangkura P, Angchaisuksiri P, Sriudomporn N, Tanpowpong K, Hathirat P,
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36. Suksuwan M, Tanpowpong K, Sawyer WD. Infectious Drug resistance in Thailand.V. Drug
       resistance Escherichia Coli in Foods and Water from Central Thailand. J Med Assoc Thai 

37. Makarabherom K, Dandarauanda R, Tanpowpong K. Effectiveness of voice therapy in adult
      patient with vocal nodule: a study in speech clinic at Ramathibodi Hospital. Rama Med
      J 1994;17(4):386-94

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