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หลักสูตรปรัชญาดุษฎีบัณฑิต (หลักสูตรนานาชาติร่วมกับมหาวิทยาลัยในต่างประเทศ)

Qualifying Examination

      The purpose of the examination is to evaluate student’s knowledge related to theory and domain of knowledge as well as scholarly inquiry pertaining to the area of student’s dissertation or interest. The student should demonstrate sufficient expertise of the theoretical and methodological issues related to the problem as a basis for pursuing his/her own research on it. The specific purposes of the examination are to move to candidacy, to begin preliminary work on the dissertation, and to provide students the opportunity to engage in scholarly discourse with faculty and obtain expert faculty guidance.

      A student is eligible to take the qualifying examination after completion of all course works. Students should take the qualifying examination by the end of the second year and not later than the end of the third year.

Evaluation Criteria
1. Students must satisfactorily pass written exam before taking the oral exam with in one month. If they don’t pass the oral exam; they have to re-take the oral exam within 3 months. If they fail the second oral exam; they have to begin the whole process that is taken 3 months written exam and repeat the whole process.
2. If students fail the first written exam, they have to re-take not before 4 months after the first exam.
3. Students are allowed to take the exam up to 2 times, if they can not pass, they will be out of the program.

Committee of the Qualifying Examination
      The Qualifying Examination Committee shall consist of at least three members. One shall be appointed to be a chairperson, the others are the members.

Qualification of the Qualifying Examination Committee
1. Earned Doctoral Degree or academic rank of at least Associate Professor.
2. Chairperson must be a doctoral program faculty from Ramathibodi School of Nursing or Faculty of Nursing, and should not be the same person of the Chairperson of the Dissertation Committee.
3. An external examiner is optional, not strictly required.