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หลักสูตรปรัชญาดุษฎีบัณฑิต (หลักสูตรนานาชาติร่วมกับมหาวิทยาลัยในต่างประเทศ)

Location to study / Library / Budget

The program will be conducted mainly at:
   Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University at both Phayathai, Salaya Campus and
   Faculty of Nursing (Siriraj), Mahidol University.

            There are various library resources and services located in Mahidol University to which the students are able to access. These libraries have various textbooks and journals as well as information technology to facilitate academic assignments, academic services, thesis, thematic paper, and other research. The number of textbooks, journals, and other documents related to this program are as follows:
Doccument :

Library Textbooks Journals CD-ROM
Siriraj Campus
1. Siriraj Library 186,453 24,235 12
2. Faculty of Nursing Library 23,604 178 3
Salaya Campus
1. Mahidol University Central Library 146,938 595 18
2. Asian Institute for Health Development
9,651 22 -
3. Institute of Nutrition Library 7,612 44 -
4. Institute for Population and Social Research
15,625 21 -
Payathai Campus
1. Rajvithi Campus Library 61,907 344 12
2. Faculty of Pharmacy Library 29,301 396 -
3. Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital
29,324 613 13
4. Faculty of Science Library 51,425 1,344 15

             Library services:  Including inter-library loan service; references service; photocopy service; literature searching service; and other service as requested.
              Computer facilities:  There are 40 computers solely for accessing remote information from a variety of sources in the library, on campus, and around the world via Internet network. In addition, there are 80 computers allowed for students to use for other purposes and also be able to use for searching remote information.
              Electronic databases and Journals: There are various electronic databases and journals subscribed by Mahidol University to which students will be able to access including:

 MULINET (Mahidol University Library and Information Network)
 Academic Search Premier
 H.W. Wilson
 MD Consult
 Science Direct
 Springer Link
 Wiley InterScience