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หลักสูตรปรัชญาดุษฎีบัณฑิต (หลักสูตรนานาชาติร่วมกับมหาวิทยาลัยในต่างประเทศ)

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing
(International and Collaborative with Foreign University Program)
Adjusted in 2006

Name of the Degree

Full name : Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing)
Abbreviation : Ph.D. (Nursing)

Responsible Units
Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University
Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University
Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University

The Doctor of Philosophy Program in Nursing emphasizes on self-directed learning as well as the exchange of knowledge among the learners and resources both within and outside the country.
This knowledge is related to human biology and behavior and health and illness, including the process by which change in health status are brought about, the pattern of behavior associated
with normal and critical life events, and the principles and laws governing life process. This systematic knowledge base is the foundation of nursing science and it gives the direction in building nursing science theories to improve health and quality of life of the people.