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Consultation Schedule

The following schedules only demonstrate the confirmed appointments only!  Please keep in mind that our staff may not be available for the day and time you request online, thus kindly contact us via phone call or email directly should you do not get a response within two days. You can also reference the weekly postings on the calendar below for confirmation.

** The administration team will send out meeting's links to the attendees approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled time for remote appointments.

■ Aj.Ammarin ■ Aj.Atiporn Aj.Chaiyawat Aj.Kunlawat Aj.Oraluck Aj.Pawin Aj.Sasivimol
Aj.Thunyarat Aj.Suparee Aj.Anuchate Dr. Cholatid Dr.Sermkiat Nattawut Sukanya
Sasiporn Chanatpon Orathai        


Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics