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Manuscript Writing Tips
Comparison of superficial surgical site infection between delayed primary and primary wound closures in ruptured
Cost-utility analysis of great saphenous vein ablation with radiofrequency foam and surgery in the emerging health-care setting of Thailand
Quality of life after great saphenous vein ablation in Thai patients with great saphenous vein reflux
Systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials of delayed primary wound closure in contaminated abdominal wounds
Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of RCTs Comparing Endovenous Ablation and Surgical Intervention in Patients with Varicose Vein
Hemoglobin Concentration and Pregnancy Outcomes - Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Clinical outcomes of double-vs single-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction - ystematic review of RCTs
Efficacy and safety of glucosamine, diacerein, and NSAIDs in osteoarthritis knee - systematic review and network meta-analysis
Efficacy of glucosamine plus diacerein versus monotherapy of glucosamine - a double-blind, parallel RCT
Efficacy and Adverse Events of Mycophenolate Mofetil Versus - Systematic Review
Survival Advantage of Kidney Transplantation Over Dialysis in Patients With Hepatitis C - Systematic Review
Corticosteroid and antiviral therapy for Bell’s Palsy - network meta-analysis
Efficacy of Mitomycin C for postoperative endoscopic sinus surgery - Systematic Review
The validity and reliability of Thai Sinonasal Outcome Test
Risk prediction score for death of traumatized and injured children
Systematic review and meta-analysis of tumor necrosis factor α-308 polymorphism and Kawasaki disease
Alpha-blockers, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories  management of chronic prostatitis-chronic pelvic pain syndrome
Development and Validation of a Breast Cancer Risk Prediction Model for Thai Women - Cross-Sectional Study
Management of Chronic Prostatitis - Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome - Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis
Risk Factors of Breast Cancer - Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis
Risk prediction models of breast cancer - a systematic review of model performance





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