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Abdominal Surgery

( N of Abdominal Surgery = 17,530 ) as of 31 Dec 2022

This is Abdominal Surgery cohort of the patients who underwent operations at Ramathibodi Hospital Since 2010. This cohort is available in longitudinal format from the baseline characteristics at the time of surgery to every follow up routine observations. Example of the feature applied are demographics (age, gender), medical history (Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension), prescriptions (Anticoagulants, Immunosuppressant), type of operation (gastrointestinal, colorectal), perioperative laboratory (Hemoglobin, Liver Function), pre-operative status (Anemia, Jaundice), intra operative status (length of surgery, wound classification) and post-operative status (ICU stay, Length of stay).


  • To create a real-world data cohort for patients undergoing abdominal surgery in Ramathibodi Hospital
  • To develop a predictive model for adverse surgical complications




Variables in Abdominal Surgery

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Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics