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Data warehouses for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) from Ramathibodi hospital information system focusing on metabolic syndrome atherosclerosis, cancer and surgery including type 2 diabetes (T2D), hypertension (HT), chronic kidney disease (CKD), cardiovascular disease (CVDs), atrial fibrillation (AF), stroke, prostate cancer, abdominal surgery and heart failure (HF) were constructed since 2010 and quaterly updated until now.



To form disease cohort of each data warehouse, it requires
- cohort coordinator as principle investigator
- physician/epidemiologist as content expert
- data scientist to manage big data both structured and unstructured, and to perform ML analysis
- statistician to analyze data
- pharmacist/data engineer from RAMA BI team



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Treatment managements of each disease can be assessed based on these real-world data which much reflect current clinical practice in Thailand. Disease prognosis can be assessed. And incorporate with treatment effectiveness, this will lead to delay development of complications and thus prolong patients’ survival, improve quality of life, and reduce economic loss from disease burden. These data warehouses will be updated regularly and open to general researchers in and outside the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital to utilize these data for conducting research after ethics committee approval.





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T2D, CKD, HT, Stroke, AF, Prostate Cancer, Abdominal Surgery, HF, Migraine

Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics