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( N = 293,905 ) as of 12 Feb 2024

This is Hypertension (HT) cohort who were routinely examined at Ramathibodi hospital since 2010. This cohort is available in longitudinal format where every historical visits were record. Example features recorded are demographics (age, gender), visit (date, type), vital signs (body mass index, blood pressure), complications and comorbidities (Chronic Kidney Disease, Myocardial Infarction), medications (anti-hypertensive or ANTH), laboratory (blood count, electrolytes) and mortality (date, cause).


  • To create a longitudinal real-world data cohort for patients with Hypertension in Ramathibodi Hospital
  • To develop a prognostic model for Hypertension from real-world data
  • To assess the treatment effectiveness of various regimens for Hypertension in the prevention of complications
  • To study the cost-effectiveness of various regimens for Hypertension




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Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics