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Special Events & Journal Club Timetable for 2021

Date Topic Academic Coordinator  Presenter Commentator Moderator VDO
08-Jan-21 Systematic review or scoping review? Guidance for authors when choosing between a systematic or scoping review approach. Assist.Prof.Pawin Denny Ronny Panu
15-Jan-21 Development and Validation of a Deep Learning model for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer survival. Assoc.Prof.Sasivimol Chonchanan Chaiyapol Phongphat
05-Feb-21 A Survey of word embeddings. Dr.Anuchate Phongphat Sigit Jitsama
19-Feb-21 Two-sample Mendelian Randomization. Dr.Supada Thitiya Threechada Kamolpat
05-Mar-21 Guide to presenting clinical prediction models for use in clinical settings. Dr.Suparee Sureerat Narisa Lertkong
19-Mar-21 Mixed effect machine learning. Dr. Boonchai Htun Pongsathorn Wanchana
02-Apr-21 Updating guidance for reporting systematic reviews. Prof.Ammarin Chuenkamon Tunlanut Thitiya
16-Apr-21 Efficient Adaptive Designs for Clinical Trials of Interventions for COVID-19. Assoc.Prof.Atiporn Amarit Phongphat Htun
07-May-21 Introducing Artificial Intelligence Training in Medical Education. Dr.Suparee Panu Kamolpat Threechada
21-May-21 How to Read Articles That Use Machine Learning Users' Guides to the Medical Literature. Dr.Kunlawat Chaiyawat Amarit Chaiyapol
04-Jun-21 Methods for depicting overlap in overviews of systematic reviews: An introduction to static tabular and graphical displays. Assist.Prof.Pawin Pokket Passara Tunlanut
18-Jun-21 Use of Machine Learning Models to Predict Death After Acute Myocardial Infarction. Assist.Prof.Oraluck Jitsama Panu Amarit
02-Jul-21 Real World Data Research to Support Clinical Decision Making   Prof. Nathorn   Nattakrit
16-Jul-21 Roles of Health Economics in clinical and implementation Research   Prof. Nathorn   Nattakrit
2-6-Aug-21  EBM Workshop        
20-Aug-21 (12 PM - 2 PM) Best Practices for Estimating, Interpreting, and Presenting Nonlinear Interaction Effects Dr. Anuchate Narisa   Pokket
20-Aug-21 (2 PM - 4 PM) Research and Management of Rare Diseases in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era: Challenges and Countermeasures Assoc. Prof. Sasivimol Chusak   Pokket
03-Sep-21 (12 PM - 2 PM) How to avoid machine learning pitfalls:
a guide for academic researchers
Dr.Ratchainant Sermkiat   Sureerat
03-Sep-21 (2 PM - 4 PM) Regression discontinuity designs in healthcare research Dr.Suparee Songporn   Sureerat
17-Sep-21 (12 PM - 2 PM) Worst-Rank Score Methods—A Nonparametric Approach to Informatively Missing Data Assoc.Prof.Atiporn Chaiyapol   Chusak
17-Sep-21 (2 PM - 4 PM) Few-Shot Learning for Medical Image
Assist.Prof.Oraluck Wanchana   Chusak
01-Oct-21 A proposed framework to guide evidence synthesis practice for meta-analysis with zero-events studies Dr.Kunlawat Lertkong Nichawan Nattakrit
15-Oct-21 Stepwise-Hierarchical Pooled Analysis for Synergistic Interpretation of Meta-analyses Involving Randomized and Observational Studies: Methodology Development Assoc.Prof.Sasivimol Passara Chusak Maria  
05-Nov-21 A Guideline for Reporting Mediation Analyses of Randomized Trials and Observational Studies: The AGReMA Statement Assist.Prof.Pawin Kamolpat Chaiyawat Chonchanan  
19-Nov-21   Prof.Ammarin Danushi & Nguyen & Rini  
Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics