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Special Events & Journal Club Timetable for 2022

Date Topic Academic Coordinator  Presenter Commentator Moderator VDO
07-Jan-22 Balance Diagnostics for Comparing the Distribution of Baseline between Treatment Groups in Propensity-Score Matched Samples Prof. Dr. Ammarin Narisa Nichawan Kamolpat
21-Jan-22 Few-shot Learning for Named Entity Recognition in Medical Text Dr. Ratchainant Teh Xin Phongphat Channat
04-Feb-22 Analyses of repeatedly measured continuous outcomes in randomized controlled trials needed substantial improvements Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sasivimol Passara Chusak Panu
18-Feb-22 Changing predictor measurement procedures affected the performance of prediction models in clinical examples Asst. Prof. Dr. Oraluck Phitchaya Teh Xin Maria
04-Mar-22 Using Trial Sequential Analysis for estimating
the sample sizes of further trials: example
using smoking cessation intervention
Asst. Prof. Dr. Pawin Amarit Sureerat Lertkong
18-Mar-22 Guidelines for nultiple imputations in repeated measurements with time-dependent covariates: a case study Dr. Anuchate Maria Phitchaya Teh Xin
01-Apr-22 Meta-analysis of repeated measures study designs Dr. Suparee Nichawan Chaiyapol Phitchaya
08-Apr-22 Variational Inference: A Review for Statisticians Dr. Ratchainant Sermkiat Maria Sharmin
06-May-22 An introduction to mediation analyses of randomized controlled trials Prof. Dr. Atiporn Chusak Amarit Nichawan
20-May-22 Explaining in Style: Training a GAN to explain a classifier in StyleSpace Dr. Anuchate Teerapong Ekapob Sureerat
10-Jun-22 Estimates of Overall Survival in Patients With Cancer Receiving Different Treatment Regimens Prof. Dr. Ammarin Chuenkamon Passara Pokket
17-Jun-22 Real-world Health Data and Precision for the Diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury, Acute-on-Chronic Kidney Disease, and Chronic Kidney Disease: Observational Study Dr. Anuchate Sharmin Sermkiat Chaiyawat
08-Jul-22 How to develop cohort profile? Prof. Dr. Ammarin Panu Junwei
22-Jul-22 Big data multi-level imputation and survival analysis with machine learning. Prof. Dr. Ammarin Panu Junwei
05-Aug-22 Model-based approaches for rare events meta-analysis   Prof. Dankmar   Nattakrit
19-Aug-22 A Unified Approach to Interpreting Model Predictions: SHAP Dr. Ratchainant Chaiyawat Sermkiat Teerapong
02-Sep-22 Implementation of an Alternative Method for Assessing Competing Risks: Restricted Mean Time Lost Asst. Prof. Kunlawat Narisa Lertkong Amarit
16-Sep-22 Using a neural network-based feature extraction method to facilitate citation screening for systematic reviews Dr. Boonchai Phongphat Ekapob Sermkiat
07-Oct-22 Counterfactual clinical prediction models could help to infer individualized treatment effects in randomized controlled trials- An illustration with the International Stroke Trial Prof. Dr. Ammarin Sureerat Pokket Amarit
21-Oct-22 Domain-Specific Language Model Pretraining for Biomedical Natural
Language Processing
Dr. Nawanan Ekapob Teerapong Passara
04-Nov-22 The cohort multiple randomized controlled trial design: a valid and efficient alternative to pragmatic trials? Asst. Prof. Dr. Pawin Pokket Chaiyawat Chuenkamon
25-Nov-22 Using NLP method to predict colon cancer from discharge summaries Prof. Dr. Ammarin Wanchana  
Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics