Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs)




Bloom’s Domain (Levels of Learning)

PLO 1 Morality and ethics

    1. Demonstrate honesty, discipline, respect for rules and regulations.

    2. Conduct oneself in accordance with academic ethics in researching, collecting, and referencing information and research results.

    3. Follow the code of ethics in the medical physics profession.




PLO 2 Knowledge

    1. Evaluate the qualitative and quantitative management of radiation source, radiological instruments, and clinical dosimetry process according to international standards.

    2. Mange risk, hazard prevention and radiation safety under international standards.



(Analyzing and Evaluating)

PLO 3 Intellectual skills

  1. Demonstrate ability to think, analyze, synthesize, solve problems, create innovations in medical physics field.



(Basic proficiency)

PLO 4 Interpersonal skills and responsibility

  1. Develop teamwork, leadership, interpersonal skill, and lifelong learning skill.

  2. Demonstrate responsibility for assigned tasks both individual and team.




PLO 5 Numerical analysis, communication and information technology skills

  1. Demonstrate ability to analyze numbers

  2. Demonstrate ability to communicate in listening, speaking, reading and writing, both formally and informally.

  3. Demonstrate ability to use information technology in searching for information, collecting, processing, compiling, creating, analysis, communication appropriate presentation



(Response as guided)

PLO 6 Practical skills

  1. Develop the clinical practice in medical physics skill at the standard level.

  2. Develop the specialized skills in one of the following fields i.e., radiotherapy, diagnostic radiology, and nuclear medicine.



(Basic proficiency)