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Apply online for Elective/Short Course Training

The elective programs for international students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) are now open for those who wish to have elective rotations at Ramathibodi.
The applicants can specify the 1st date of their elective from February 7, 2022, onward.
**COVID-19 Changes**
As of November 1st 2021, Thailand has opened its borders to all visitors who are fully vaccinated and travelling from countries or territories eligible to enter.
About the Inbound Elective/Short Course Training at the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University

The Medical Elective and Short Course Training program is meant to give additional clinical experience and training to qualified applicants who are in the period of Elective or Short Course Training rotation according to their university syllabus.

Training is conducted on an individual basis for five days a week. Applicants take part in daily departmental activities such as supervised ward rounds, bedside instruction, OPD sessions, seminars, and conferences. Observation of most professional activities is also included. However, practical hands-on training is prohibited due to the Thai Medical Board's rules and regulations.


Program Qualifications

Further information regarding qualifications can be found in the link below:

Link to .pdf for How to Apply for Elective/Short Course Training at the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital


Undergraduate Applicants Postgraduate Applicants

  • Communicative level of English

(for non-native speakers)

  • Is a senior medical student with clinical experience at the time of their elective period
  • Communicative level of English

(for non-native speakers)

  • Is a resident, fellow, or physician at the time of their Training period


Application Links and Instructions

Link to
Online Application Form for Elective/Short Term program at Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital (Google Forms link)

  • Applicants must submit complete required documents at least 3 MONTHS before starting date.
  • Elective rotation must start on every first or Third Monday of each month except APRIL.
  • In choosing an elective, one or more departments/divisions can be chosen from the Choice of Elective at “Elective Preference Section” in the Application form.
  • The duration of an Elective or Short Course Training session must be at least 2 WEEKS per one department and/or division.


Prior to starting your training program, please review the information in the following .pdf link provided in the button below.

Important Information for Elective/Short Course Training at Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital (.PDF)

Choice of Electives and Short Training Programs


Please note that in each Choice of Medical Electives List, there are separate course listings for students who..

  • are International Students who are to travel to Thailand for Training,
  • or International and Thai Students remaining in Thailand who are not from Thai institutions/universities who have stayed in Thailand for at least more than 1 month.


.PDF  Undergraduate  Choice of Medical Electives List - Calendar Year 2022

.PDF  Postgraduate  Choice of Medical Electives List - Calendar Year 2022

Tuition Fee


Tuition fee is waived for international students who plan to exchange under MoU, IFMSA, and Asia-Uninet.



Undergraduate Fees


Duration of Program

Program Fee

Academic Fee

Total (for example)

2 weeks

3,000 THB /Per week
900 THB
6,000 THB for 2 weeks
+ 900 THB = 6,900 THB

4 weeks

3,000 THB/Per week
900 THB
12,000 THB for 4 weeks
+ 900 THB = 12,900 THB

5+ weeks

3,000 THB/Per week
1,800 THB
15,000 THB for 5 weeks
+1,800 THB
= 16,800 THB + plus an additional 3,000 THB for each additional week



Postgraduate Fees


Duration of Program

Program Fee


1 week, fees are calculated per week

5,000 THB/per week*

5,000 THB * [amount of weeks spent in program]

  *Each postgraduate program must at have a duration of at least 2 weeks


5,000 THB * [4 weeks program] = 20,000 THB


How to pay tuition

Individuals wishing to proceed in any Medical Elective or Short Course Training program at the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital must adhere to the following steps in making payments due for course participation.


Upon arriving to the Ramathibodi campus on the first day of your rotation or program:

  1. Prepare and print your acceptance letter.
  2. Present your acceptance letter at the Division of Finance at the “Receipt” counter. The Division of Finance is located on the 3rd floor, Lecture Hall building (open hours are from Monday to Friday, 08.30 am – 04.15 pm).
  3. Pay tuition fee and, if applicable, dormitory fees. Payment is accepted via credit card (Visa, Mastercard) and Thai Baht currency in cash.
  4. After collecting the receipt from the Division of Finance, please come to the International Relations Section Office on the 6th  floor, Lecture Hall building (elevator up to 5th floor, and go up the stairs), to get an official confirmation stamp on the receipt.


Please note that without the official stamp mentioned, the elective/short course training process will be considered to be incomplete and your training will not commence until all requirements are met.



  • Failure to submit all required documents described may lead to delays in processing, and, in some cases, postponement or cancellation of the prospective elective program.
  • International students require a Non-Immigrant Education Visa (category ED) to study in Thailand. Applications and arrangements for the Category ED Visa should be made at any Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate well before departing for Thailand.

For further inquiries, please contact us at:

International Relations Section

Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University 6th Floor, Lecture Hall Building, 270 Rama VI Road, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand Tel: +66 2 201 2763-4 Fax: +66 2 201 2763 Email:



International Relations
Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital
Mahidol University, Rama 6 Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Tel. +66- 201-2762, +66-201-0200 ; Fax. +66-201-2763



In the case you have an inquiry regarding healthcare services from Ramathibodi Hospital, please contact the Somdech Phra Deparatana Medical Center via the email, or Tel. +66-200-4336.