InterHospital Dermatology Conference 2014

InterHospital Dermatology Conference

Ramathibodi Hospital

August 29, 2014

1 Chronic scarring conjunctivitis with skin rash
2 Persistent full facial swelling 
3 Strong fishy body odor 
4 Bony plaque on the leg 
5 Extensive reticulate capillary malformation since birth
6 Blistering in a photodistribution 
7 Pruritic rashes on both feet 
8 Draining mass on the ankle 
9 An asymptomatic plaque on the thigh
10 Leg rash along Blaschko’s lines 
11 Painful lesion with central necrosis on the thigh
12 Multiple linear skin lesions since birth
13 Eczema-like lesions on the neck and trunk
14 Thickened skin on the posterior neck
15 Whitish spots on a boy’s forehead 
16 Generalized red dermal plaques in a DM patient 
17 Scalp ulceration and visual loss in an elderly man 
18 Multiple brownish patches involving the limb and trunk
19 Linear depression on the forehead 
20 Multiple red lumps in a chubby boy 
21 Multiple ring-shaped brown patches on the abdomen
22 Rash with residual reticulated hyperpigmentation
23 Red to brown papules on the trunk 
24 Persistent periorbital edema and erythema
25 Panties mass 
26 Red plaques with punched-out appearance
27 Facial papules running in a family 
28 Salmon-colored rash in a teenager 
29 Multiple brown papules on the face and flexures
30 Acute pustular eruptions in pregnancy

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