InterHospital Dermatology Conference 2019

Case discussion                        แบบสอบถาม

Case 1: A 68-year-old male with an erythematous and painful left shoulder for 6 months
Case 2: A 56-year-old female with multiple erythematous to brownish patches and scaly indurated plaques for 6 months
Case 3.1: A 59-year-old female with progressive proximal muscle weakness, dysphagia, and skin rashes for 2 months
Case 3.2: A 26-year-old male with multiple asymptomatic whitish and erythematous rashes on back for 3 months
Case 4.1: A 68-year-old male with a solitary asymptomatic nodule on left forearm for 1 year
Case 4.2: An 81-year-old male with an asymptomatic nodule on left forearm for 2 years
Case 5: A 24-year-old female with skin rash and painful lips for 5 days

Demonstrate case

Case 6.1 Multiple erythematous non-scaly annular plaques on both elbows for 5 years
Case 6.2 Chief complaint: Erythematous annular plaque on left elbow for 2 years
Case 6.3 Multiple erythematous oval plaques on both lower legs for 3 months
Case 7 Persistent upper lip swelling for 1 year
Case 8 An asymptomatic rash on forehead for 3 months
Case 9 Multiple linear skin lesions since birth
Case 10 Multiple, linear erythematous papules and well-defined scaly plaques over her left flank for 4 days.
Case 11 Multiple, mild pruritic widespread, brownish hyperkeratotic papules on both arms, legs, and back for 40 years
Case 12 A 3 month history of multiple painful subcutaneous nodules and plaques on trunk and extremities
Case 13 Multiple progressive confluent reticulated erythematous patches and thin plaques with hypo & hyperpigmented and atrophic patches on both axillae, middle abdomen and both groins for 2 years
Case 14 A 4-month history of multiple itchy erythematous papules and plaques on trunk
Case 15 A 7-year history of multiple skin-colored papules on face
Case 16 Progressive multiple violaceous nodules on face, trunk, extremities and oral mucosa for 2 weeks.
Case 17 A 8-year history of progressive mass at tongue
Case 18 A 5-year history of asymptomatic mass at lateral side of tongue
Case 19 Multiple erythematous papules and plaques on right chest wall for 3 years
Case 20 Gradually enlarged indurated plaque on dorsum of right foot for 13 years
Case 21 Progressive swelling of the rash on the face of 1-week duration
Case 22 Multiple discrete papules and pustules on face, right thigh and right leg.
Case 23.1 Atypical target lesions turning to erythroderma with mucocutaneous erosions for 6 weeks
Case 23.2 Severe multiple mucocutaneous erosions for 3 weeks
Case 24 Asymptomatic hypo- and hyperpigmented patches on back, right shoulder, right arm & right upper chest since birth
Case 25 A 2-year history of slowly progressive brownish  lesions on trunk and neck
Case 26 A 2-week history of painful lumps on both legs and feet
Case 27 An erythematous rash on the face and a painful purpuric rash on the lower extremities for 1 week
Case 28 An 1-year history of asymptomatic progressive mass on the scalp