InterHospital Dermatology Conference 2012

InterHospital Dermatology Conference

Ramathibodi Hospital

August 31, 2012

1* Annular lesions on trunk and extremities for 5 years.
2* Indurated slow growing subcutaneous plaque at chest wall for 2 years
3* Skin lesion on left thumb for 2 months
4* Itchy erythematous plaque on right ear pinna for 2 years.
5* Redness of face, neck and forearms for 5 months
6* Purplish-red plaque on the right shoulder for 1 year
7* Pruritic papules and nodules for 5 years.
8* Tender indurated plaque draining yellowish oily discharge on the left arm for 1 year
Multiple hypopigmented patches on back and extremities for 7 months
10 Unilateral linear atrophic patch on forehead and scalp for 2 years
11 Dark brown-black patches on chest wall and right hip since birth.
12 progressive right side face and lips hypertrophy for 1 year.
13 Multiple discrete erythematous to brownish papules and plaques on the right side of trunk for 1 month
14 Pruritic plaques on left extremities for 1 year
15.1  Asymptomatic skin eruption on trunk and extremities for 5 years
15.2  Skin eruption on elbows, hands and feet for 4 years
16  recurrent erythematous patches with erosions, macerations and crusts on sides of the neck, both axillas, and both groins for one year.
17  Symmetrical thickening and hardening of the skin on upper back for 6 months
18  skin eruption of both hands for 1 year
19  Multiple papules on trunk and extremities for 1 year
20  Multiple erythematous rashes at chest wall for 1 month
21  Progressive depression of skin on face, arms, thigh, back and abdomen for 5 years.
22  Intensely itchy rashes on extremities and trunk for 8 months
23  Skin dyspigmentation for 15 years
24  Pustular lesions healing with scar on the scalp for 1 year
25  Multiple tiny papules on malar area for several months.
26  Slightly itchy skin lesions on both axillae for 1 year
27  Dimple skin on right leg, thigh, and trunk for 1 year.