Welcome Executives visitors of the Netherlands Task Force Health

Assoc. Prof.Wasun Chantratita, M.D.,Head of Center for Medical Genomics, provided warm welcome to Netherlands Task Force Health Care (TFHC) led by Mr. Peter Post, Director; to visit Ramathibodi's Center for Medical Genomics and have discussion towards possibility of collaboration.

Task Force Health Care (TFHC) is a public-private platform founded in 1996. The TFHC network consist of partners from industry, knowledge institutes, NGO’s, healthcare providers and the government, all active in the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector. The partners provide innovative and sustainable solutions to global (and local) healthcare challenges and are active all over the world. In the last decade the TFHC visited and maintained relationships with more than 30 countries. Through the implementation of Country Platforms the TFHC created a sustainable & special focus on: China, India, Indonesia, Russia, the Middle East and Africa.