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LASERS & Light Sources (and RF)- Medical Manufacturers & Distributors:

Adept Medical Concepts: - ASLMS 2004 29816 Banderas, Ranch Santa Margarita, CA 92688. Tel: 866-805-9283. Adept Medical Concepts, Inc., a cutting edge aesthetic laser company located in Southern California and founded in 1998 as a laser service and clinical support group, manufactures cost-effective and reliable laser and light technologies for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, leg veins, hair removal and non-ablative skin rejuvenation.
Aesculap-Meditec: - 
Aesthera (formerly Magnalux) - ASLMS 2005 
- Aesthera has developed a new range of innovative light based aesthetic treatments driven by dual energies. Designed for skin rejuvenation and hair removal treatments, the devices use low fluences for fast, highly effective, gentle and painless treatments that require no topical anesthetic.
Aesthetic Partners Inc: New & Used Cosmetic Laser Dealer. First in used cosmetic lasers!   Refurbished, pre-owned and used cosmetic lasers and aesthetic lasers bought and sold.
Alderm: - ASLMS 2004 17951 Sky Park Circle, Ste G, Irvine CA 92614 - Tel: 949-250-8955. The PROLITE is an intense pulse light system that received FDA clearance for hair removal in addition to vascular and pigmented lesions. This unit represents a second generation product that utilizes a patented fluorescent flashlamp to enable physicians to offer patients a non-ablative approach for facial rejuvenation.
Altus Medical: - cosmetic lasers including Coolglide & Vantage (See CUTERA below - name change in 2004)
American Medical BioCare, Inc: - ASLMS 2005 - 1201 Dove Street, Ste 520, Newport Beach, CA 92660 - OmniLight (Fluorescent Pulsed Light system) converts harmful wavelengths to useful wavelengths thus increasing results and reducing pain. OmniLight can safely treat all skin types, using higher fluences without undesirable side effects. The OmniLight has FDA clearance for permanent hair reduction, tattoo removal, and treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions. New "Novalight FPL" now available.
Archer Medical Technologies,Inc:  - ASLMS 2005 - 453 Hillcrest Dr., Sulphur Springs TX 75482, Tel: 903-438-0756. Archer Medical Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes high quality innovative multi-wavelength laser products for the medical community. Archer's flagship product is the unique and patented laser, The QUADRALAZ. Initially, The QUADRALAZ comes with 4 lasers (Erbium, YaG, KTP, and Alexandrite) and is expandable up to ten wavelengths. A powerful new treatment modality, The QUADRALAZ lets the physician select the most appropriate parameters to ensure less ablative, more positive results.
BioCell: - Austin TX. Tel: 512-326-1025 - MediDerm Laser ReGenesis Therapy system - skin rejuvenation. Low energy Er:Yag laser positioned between microdermabrasion and surgical resurfacing.
BioLitec: - ASLMS 2004 - 515 Shaker Rd, E. Longmeadow MA 01028. Tel: 800-934-2377 - 980nm Ceralas laser(s). Promoted for Endo Laser Vein System, and a laser for general surgeons & urologists for enlarged prostrate. Showcasing the revolutionary minimally-invasive ELVeS treatment for venous insufficiency leading to varicose veins. The highly effective treatment takes only 45 minutes and only local anesthesia is used - allowing patients to return to their normal lifestyles immediately. Beneficial over vein stripping.
Candela Corporation - - ASLMS 2004 - 530 Boston Post Rd, Wayland MA 01778 Tel: 800-733-8550 - Candela develops, manufactures, and markets state-of-the-art proprietary laser systems for a wide range of aesthetic applications including hair removal and the treatment of acne, acne scars, wrinkles, pigmented lesions, and vascular lesions.
Cardiogenesis (previously Eclipse Surgical Technologies) Ho:Yag laser catheter system for myocardial revascularization
CoolTouch Inc: ASLMS 2005 - 9085 Foothills Blvd, Roseville CA 95747 Tel: 530-823-5933 - CoolTouch inc, founded in 1996, develops and supplies advanced technologies to medical professionals. CootTouch wrinkle, acne scar and acne laser treatments offer improvement with thge N.I.C.E. (Non-Invasive Collagen Enhancement) results. VARIA treats veins and unwanted hair.
Conbio: - Also see the new site for Hoya Conbio
COSMOS Medical - KTP laser & microdermabrasion
Curelight: - ASLMS 2005. multi application UVB, UVAI system to Rx stretchmarks, vitiligo and psoriasis. Another device - iClearXL non contact blue/near IR light source which significantly accelerates post face lifting and breast augmentation healing, reduces post peeling erythema duration by 50% and significantly improves pores and skin texture as part of photorejuvenation process. Blue component of iClearXL treats acne 3 times faster than any other technique.

Cutera (formerly Altus Medical) , - ASLMS 2005 - Cutera - formerly Altus Medical will have on display the Nd:Yag laser and light source for aesthetic treatment. CoolGlide XEO combines safety and efficacy for non-ablative skin therapy, hair removal and treatment of vascular-pigmented lesions. Cutera delivers superior technology and outstanding customer support programs to help build your practice.
Cynosure Inc. - - ASLMS 2005 - 10 Elizabeth Drive, Chelmsford MA 01824, Tel: 800-886-2966 - Cynosure Inc manufacturers and distributes lasers and light based devices for aesthetic and medical procedures such as hair removal, treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, psoriasis and facial skin treatments.
Danish Dermatologic Development: - ASLMS 2004 -Agern Alle 11, Horsholm, DK-2970 Denmark. Ellipse is a treademark of Danish Deramtologic Development A/S (DDD), a producer of light-based solutions for medical and cosmetic conditions. Ellipse, is a well-documented and clinically proven, second generation intense pulsed light (I2PL) system. The Ellipse system offers fast, safe and effective treatments to remove unwanted hair, repair sun-damaged skin and to treat both acne and pigmented and vascular skin disorders. Many more innovative Ellipse products are in development. DDD has gained the acclaim of doctors and beauticians worldwide for the quality of Ellipse products and services.
Deka: - Italy - 
DermaMed USA, Inc. / Megapeel: - ASLMS 2005 - 394 Parkmount Rd, PO 198, Lenni PA 19052 - Tel: 
888-789-6342 DermaMed USA is a trusted leader in the cosmetic equipment industry that is known for innovative technology and excellent customer service. We manufacture MegaPeel microdermabrasion systems featuring patented technology for a cleaner, safer environment; and the Quadra Q4 Quad-Pulsed Light system that utilizes patented krypton flashlamp technology to deliver the safest, most effective treatments available. Distributes an Intense Pulsed Light System (IPL)
Diomed Lasers: diode lasers, dental, endovascular vein therapy (EVLT), Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
Dornier Medical Lasers: - 
Ellex Medical Lasers: - LaserEx Opthalmic Lasers. Distributed in the US by LaserEx Systems Inc out of Minneapolis. Australian Laser Manufacturer. 
Erchonia Lasers Inc: - ASLMS 2005 4751 East Indigo St, Mesa AZ 85205 - The Erchonia dula diode laser is a portable, non-invasive device used to decrease pain, accelerate wound healing and has two 510K approvals from the FDA. This laser is the first in the world for the treatment of chronic pain and the second for the use in liposuction.

EU Photonics, Ltd: - ASLMS 2004 - 298 Regents Park Road, London N32SZ, United Kingdom. N-lite received FDA approval for the treatment of inflammatory acne vulgaris in July 2003. Clinically proven to be more effective than antibiotics with no side effects, N-lite is fast becoming the treatment of choice for acne.
Fascia Biosystems LLC: - Fascian is an injectable filler made of preserved particulate fascia. Some uses include soft tissue augmentation, scar recollagenation, lip augmentation and acne. 2004
FibersDirect: - fiber supplier from various manufacturers
Focus Medical: Website Unknown - ASLMS 2005 - 23 Francis J Clarke Circle, Bethel CT 06806 - Focus Medical is a Bethel, CT medical laser manufacturer. Focus Medical specializes in Er:Yag and Nd:Yag technologies for dermatological and aesthetic applications.

Fotona: - ASLMS 2005 - 7672 E Overlook Dr, Scottsdale AZ 85255 - Tel: 888-550-4113. Lasers for Dental, Aesthetic, Gyn and Surgical applications. Newest FDA pending q-switched fotona QX system for tattoo removal. The Q-switched Nd:Yag and frequency doubled KTP Nd:Yag combo makes the Fotona QX the ultimate tattoo removal system to effectively remove the most complex tattoos, while including the versatility needed for a wide array of pigmented lesions and vascular treatments. The also publish a patient information website .
FriendlyLight: - ASLMS 2005 - 777 Old Saw Mill River Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591 USA Our phone # 914-345-8302 or toll free 1-877-379-2435.  FriendlyLight is the manufacturer and marketer of proprietary compact (20 pounds only) laser devices for dermatological and aesthetic applications. FriendlyLight, TrylyPortable aesthetic and dermatological lasers include: Er:Yag laser for skin resurfacing and wrinkle removal and Nd:Yag laser for non-invasive skin rejuvenation and unwanted hair removal. Division of Innotech USA, Inc.
Hopsital Technology Information: - Medical Equipment Manufacturers listing
Hoya Conbio: - ASLMS 2005 - 47733 Fremont Blvd, Fremont CA 94538 - HOYA ConBio Lasers is pround to offer the new Medlite C Series. By reducing the size and enhancing the stability of our proven laser series, the Medlite C brings a new dimension to this outstanding technology. The Medlite has truly earned its reputation as the "workhours" of the medical practice.
Iridex Corporation: - ASLMS 2005 - 1212 Terra Bella Ave, Mountainview CA 94043, Tel: 650-962-8848 - The DioLite 532 laser system offers unsurpassed reliability, true portability, and efficient operation. This fully integrated, diode-pumped, solid-state laser is ideal for the treatment of a wide variety of vascular and pigmented lesions. Weighing only 15 pounds, the DioLite is easily transported between offices, surgical centers, and hospitals.V ariLite dual wavelength (532nm and 940nm) laser system is the complete skin lesion laser solution. This solid state laser quickly and effectively treats vascular lesions, benign pigmented lesions, cutaneous lesions and acne vulgaris. VariLite offers the clinical versatility to precisely target superficial vessels as well as deeper, larger vessels in a convenient, affordable packabe.
IRIS Medical Instruments Inc: portable ophthalmic lasers

LAMBDA Scientifica: laser for dentistry, surgery, dermatology, aesthetics and restoration

Lasag Corporation: - qswitched Nd:Yag ophthalmic lasers
LasoTronic - Switzerland - medical therapy lasers - low level laser therapy.
Laser Corporation - medical, surgical, scientific, industrial laser systems.
Laser Service Alliance, LLC: - New & used laser systems, laser service & support for health care networks, manufacturers and individual offices & clients.
Laserex Systems Inc: - LaserEx Opthalmic Lasers. Distributed in the US by LaserEx Systems Inc out of Minneapolis. Australian Laser Manufacturer. 
LaserScope: ASLMS 2005 - 3070 Orchard Dr, San Jose CA 95134 Tel: 800-243-9384 Laserscope is the leading provider of innovative, compact, powerful and reliable laser systems for various cosmetic and surgical applications. A worldwide leader in laser technology for over 20 years, Laserscope offers a variety of ablative and non-ablative lasers.
Light Age Inc: - ASLMS 2005 - 500 Apgar Dr, Somerset, NJ 08873. We develop, manufacture and market solid-state laser systems for aesthetic procedures and medical device, research and development. Standard laser products include our new ultra compact Q-Clear for treatment of age spots, pigmented lesions and tattoos, the EpiCare for hair removal, and Ta2Eraser for tattoo removal.

Light BioScience / - ASLMS 2005 - 933 First Colonial Road, Ste 204, Virginia Beach VA 23454. Light BioScience, the pioneer in the science of LED Photomodulation a light based technology for skin rejuvenation. Its flagship, Gentle Waves LED Photomodulation Anti-Aging system provides a safe and effective non-ablative solution to photoaging. Tel: 888-647-6219.
Lumenis - - ASLMS 2005 - 2400 Condensa St,. Santa Clara CA 95051. Lumenis develops, manufactures, and markets state-of-the-art proprietary laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) devices for a variety of aesthetic, ophthalmic, and surgical applications. Its aesthetic systems are used for a variety of applications including IPL skin treatments using photorejuvenation, hair removal, non-invasive treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis. 

Max Engineering - ASLMS 2005 - 421 Ilsan Technotown, 1141-1, Baeksok Ilsan Goyang,  Korea. Max Engineering is a manufacturer of quality medical laser systems. The Spectra SP is a surgical CO2 laser system used for incision, excision, and vaporization of soft tissue in multidisciplinary environments. Spectra VRMII is an Nd:Yag laser system designed for permanent tattoo removal, pigmented lesions, and skin rejuvenation.
McCue Corporation Inc - ASLMS 2005 - 1 Lisa Marie Circle, Warwick, RI 02886. The McCue Ultra VPL performs most of the treatments done with cosmetic skin lasers. However it is 3x to 4x faster, much safer and offers an incredible profit opportunity.
Medical Bio Care inc: - OmniLight has FDA clearance for permanent hair reduction, tattoo removal, and treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions. It is a device based on IPL technology, but further developed with Flourescent Pulsed Light (FPL). FPL technology converts blue and green light to yellow and red light, thus increasing efficiency. 2004
Med-Surge Advances - - ASLMS 2005 - 14850 Quorum Drive, Dallas TX 75254 - 800-787-4417 Aesthetic skin care devices, education, consulting and practice marketing programs. Products by application include non-ablative laser dermal remodeling, laser treatment of wrinkles, acne, hair removal, vascular and pigmented lesions, tattoo removal, IPL rejuvenation, micro-dermabrasion and cosmeceuticals. Products by name include the Aramis, Viridis, MeDioStar, ProLite II, Erbium, SkinAbrader and BelleDerm.
MicroLightLaser: , - Microlight Laser Corporation - subsidiary of Innovative Medical Group. Low Level Laser Therapy - 830nm diode laser, inflammation & pain reduction. Carpal tunnel syndrome & other LLLT.
New Star Lasers: - 
Norseld Pty, Ltd: - ASLMS 2004. ABN 36 008 119 793, 9 Claxton St, Adelaide S. Australia 5000. Tel: +61-8-8231-9000 Fax: +61-8-8231-9009. US Office: PO Box 1786, Sanibel Florida 33957. Tel: 800-818-1218. Norseld's new, solid-state switched dual yellow CuBr laser is at the forefront of cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatments. It features optimum yellow and green light for proven fast, effective treatments. Dual Yellow delivers great control and better outcomes without side effects or discomfort.

NIDEK: - ASLMS 2005. Ophthalmic and Surgical Lasers delivering outstanding performance and reliability with its complete suite of laser products and solutions. In the aesthetic and dermatology laser markets, NIDEK has the UniPulse CO2 surgical laser system. The laser is used extensively in skin resurfacing and general surgery procedures.
Novalis - ASLMS 2005 - 1719 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606. Manufacturer and distributor of advanced pulsed light medical systems used for skin rejuvenation, pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, hair removal, and treatment of inflammatory acne.
Omega Laser: - U.K. based. Distributed in the U.S. by Laser Therapeutics
OpusMed - ASLMS 2005 , 3333 Graham Blvd, Ste H306, Town of Mount-Royal, Montreal Quebec, Canada H3R 3L5. OPUSMED inc is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and sale of innovative and scientifically-proven light-based solutions designed to better meet the changing needs of physicians and other health and aesthetic professionals. We are introducing the LumiPhase-R, a new generation LED device for skin rejuvenation.  F1 Diode Laser System for Hair Removal
Orion Lasers, - ASLMS 2005. "Harmony" Aesthetic laser - includes Advanced Fluoresence Technology (AFT - or broadband light), Pulsed UVB, Long Pulse Nd:Yag, Qswitched Nd:Yag.  Used for skin rejuvenation, hair removal, vascular and pigmented lesions, tattoo removal, leg veins, acne.  Ft Lauderdale FL, 954-229-2240
Palomar Medical Technologies - - ASLMS 2005. 82 Cambridge St, Burlington MA 01803 Tel: 800-725-6627. Palomar Medical Technologies produces the world's most advanced pulsed light and laser systems for cosmetic applications such as permanent hair reduction, leg veins, acne pigmented lesion removal and vascular treatment. Used worldwide, Palomar's systems offer exceptional efficacy, affordability, ease of use and patient comfort and safety.
2260 Rutherford Road Suite 101  Carlsbad, CA 92008  Tel: 760-496-3700, Use of photosensitizing drugs and light sources to activate them for a variety of applications - termed "photoceuticals". Use of LED light sources for aesthetic and dermatological applications.
PLC Laser - - the CO2 Heart Laser 
Preswede AB - ASLMS 2005 - Flojelbergsgatan, 8A. Molndal 43135. Sweden. Founded in Sweden in 1994, Preswede AB develops, manufactures and markets aesthetic systems using an intense pulsed light technology. The Powerlite 600EX system offers non-invasive treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions as well as the most effective permanent hair reduction and skin rejuvenation.

Profect Medical Technologies - ASLMS 2005 - 2 Depot Plaza, 4th Fl, Bedford Hills NY 10507. Manufactures and distributes lasers, intense pulsed light and photographic equipment for dermatology, plastic and cosmetic surgery industries. Profect has over 16 years experience developing and manufacturing of medical devices.
Radiancy: - ASLMS 2005 - 40 Ramland Rd South, Ste 10, Orangeburg NY 10962. Medical & aesthetic photo systems. The SkinStation Clinical Phototherapy System is powered by LHE, a proprietary technology from Radiancy, the global leader in light-based skin therapies. SkinStation with LHE combines broad spectrum pulsed light and directly applied heat to achieve successful results with unsurpassed safety, simplicity and efficiency.
Reliant Technologies Inc: - ASLMS 2004 - 5375 Mira Sorrento Place, Ste 100, San Diego CA 92121. Reliant Technologies manufactures the Reliant FSR, a unique skin treatment laser that treats aging and sun damaged skin through the process of soft tissue coagulation. The Reliant Laser, developed in conjunction with Dr Rox Anderson and Dieter Manstein of Harvard's Wellman Laboratories, employs a pattern of powerful micro-thermal spots that affect both the dermis and epidermis.

Quantel Medical: - ASLMS 2005 - 21 Rue Newton, ZJ Le Brezet, Clermont-Ferrand, France 63039. Laser & Ultrasound for Ophthalmology & Dermatology. US Dealer is Med-Surge (see above) QUANTEL MEDICAL, specialists in laser technology will be displaying its dermatology range, which includes a KTP laser for vascular lesions (VIRIDIS DERMA), a long pulse Nd:Yag for hair removal and blue leg veins (ATHOS), a non-ablative remodeling laser (ARAMIS) and IPL system for photorejuvenation (PROLITE). Optimizing results for non-ablative remodeling or Acne by combining the Aramis 1.54u laser with the Prolite II Intense Pulsed Light system.
Ra Medical - ASLMS 2005 - 2380-G Camino Vida Roble, Carlsbad CA 92009.  Manufactures and markets an advanced 308nm excimer laser system for medical treatments of skin diseases and disorders including psoriasis and vitiligo.
Sciton - - ASLMS 2005 - 925 Commercial St, Palo Alto CA 94303 - MultiLaser  Platforms - Er:Yag, Long Pulse Nd:Yag. Sciton Inc develops modular, multipurpose devices for aesthetic medicine. One product, Scitons Profile, includes up to four proven wavelengths useful for light, medium or deep skin peels, high speed computer-controlled hair reduction, nonablative skin therapy and phtorejuvenation, removing leg or facial veins, telangiectasias, vascular lesions, flushing and superficial pigmented lesions.
Spectranetics - Cardiovascular Excimer Laser & Catheter Systems

SportLaser: - subsidiary of Innovative Medical Group. Low Level Laser Therapy - 830nm diode laser, for Sports Medicine applications.

SSI Laser Engineering Inc: - ASLMS 2005 - 200 River Hills Drive, Nashville TN 37210. Multra MD Super Pulse CO2 laser with 30 watts of char free superpulse, touch screen control panel and remote internet diagnostics. LEI has a multi-speciality laser for applications in all surgical specialties. LEI products are made in the USA and offer a dependable and knowledgeable sales and in-service training staff as well as continuing education staff training.
Syneron: - ASLMS 2005 -
610 E 6th St, Boston MA 02127. Manufactures, distributes and markets the Aurora, Polaris & Galaxy systems which utilize a proprietary blend of electrical (RF) and optical (pulsed light or laser) technology (ELOS). This new technology provides safer and more effective treatments of vascular and pigmented lesions, as well as the treatment of leg veins, dermal remodeling and wrinkle removal. ELOS technology also provides a superior way to perform hair removal of all hair colors on all skin types.
Thermage: - ASLMS 2005. 25881 Industrial Blvd, Hayward CA 94545. Thermage is exhibiting the ThermaCool TC system, the only non-invasive RF technology that tightens tissue. It uses an advanced from of radiofrequency to volumetrically heat and tighten tissue, while protecting the epidermis with cooling cryogen spray.
Thor Laser Therapy Systems: - ASLMS 2005. 188 Sherwood Dr, Waynesboro VA 22980. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Laser therapy, LLLT, laser biostimulation- Stimulate healing and give pain relief. 200-2000mw. Thor is one of the leading producers of laser therapy equipment. Come by and see our top of the line therapy lasers and LED's.
Tissue Medical Lasers: - CO2 Laser
Trimedyne Lasers: - Ho:Yag lasers
Ultra Med Ltd: website unknown: Geneva Switzerland. Nova light, a highly sophisticated system with CPL (Controlled Pulse Light ) technology. The system is equipped with varying filters, without the need to change the hand piece. Delivering of energy in a single, double, and triple pulsed mode, Nova light is light weight, and easy to use.

USA Photonics - ASLMS 2004 - 25 College Ave, Ste 405, Nanuel NY 10954. USA Photonics prides itself in selling innovative products based on solid scientific findings. USA Photonics not only offers the Nlite-V laser, the first to receive FDA clearance for both wrinkles and inflammatory acne vulgaris, but has recently introduced the IFL professional. The IFL professional incorporates a patented approach to phototherapy that differs from other products on the market; it incorporates state of the art electronics in combination with multiple flash tubes at an extremely low cost. Multiple fibers allow for the treatment of both hair and photorejuvenation.
Vetrix: - High quality, low cost CO2 lasers 15w to 40w for offices, clinics, veterinary practices. Diode laser for Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Surgical microscopes.Sold in the US by Laser Service Alliance.
Carl - Lasers, Safety Eyewear & Surgical Microscopes

LASER ACCESSORIES INCLUDING SAFETY EQUIPMENT: (Also see aesthetic related links further below)

Buffalo Filter Co: - smoke evacuators & filters
Canfield Imaging Technologies: -
 ASLMS 2005 - 253 Passaic Ave, Fairfield NJ 07004. 800-815-4330. Canfield Imaging Systems is a leading supplier and developer of medical imaging products, including Canfield's full line of Mirrora software for image management and aesthetic simulation; VISIAa complexion analysis systems for repeatable facial photography plus analysis; UV photo systems, digital cameras, Canfield TwinFlash, medical photo studios, and practice-specific imaging products.
Cool Laser Optics: - 
DermaCool Distributors, LLC: 
Directed Light: - parts & services for all brands of lasers. 
Glendale: - ASLMS 2005 - 910 Douglas Pike, Smithfield RI 02917 - Tel: 800-500-4793. Glendale is the worldwide leader in manufacturing laser protective eyewear, specialty dyes and non-laser patient care eye protection. Glendale is introducing a patented clear filter for Intense Pulse Light (IPL) applications. This clear eyewear will allow the physician or technician to see the natural skin tones of the patient but then instantly darken when the IPL light is activated to shield the wearer from the uncomfortable glare given off by the device. New, stylish, comfortable and lightweight laser protective spectacles that also fit over prescription eyewear will also be unveiled. Soft and adjustable temples allow you to customize the eyewear to your individual needs. Custom eyewear, filters, windows and dyes are available upon request.

Innovative Optics: - ASLMS 2005 - 6812 Hemlock Lane, Maple Grove MN 55369 - Tel: 612-425-7789 - Innovative Optics is a manufacturer of laser protective eyewear for both the laser operator 9clinician) and the patient. Our new stainless steel patient laser goggles fits snugly over the patients eyes, has an adjustable thin wire nose bridge, and is the only patient laser goggle with CE approval. We also have magnifying loupes in 2.5x and 3.5x magnification and our new laser clip-in which clips on the frame of the loupes. complete line including custom fabrication. 
Kentek - ASLMS 2005 - 1 Elm St, Pittsfield NH 03263, Tel: 800-432-2323. Kentek has the largest selection of laser eye protection, laser barriers, window coverings and partitions available. High quality ceramics, gold coating, custom parts and components will also be featured. Complete line of laser safety accessories, parts. Eyewear, signs and labels, barriers, zap it paper, imaging, much more.
LabX: - Lab Equipment new & used. Online auctions. Microscopes, chromatographs, Lab Glassware, Pipettors, more.

Laser Peripherals: - ASLMS 2004, 1000 Boone Ave North, Ste 300, Golden Valley MN 55427 Tel: 800-966-5273. Laser Peripherals manufactures and distributes high quality surgical laser fiber optic delivery systems. Products include bare, contact, side-firing and gas-cooled fibers. Multiple wavelength applications including holmium, Nd:Yag, KTP, diode and rube are available. Connector adapters are available, and also OEM, private labeling and engineering services. Our goal at Laser Peripherals is to provide the highest quality products with exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.
Malinckrodt Medical: - laser resistant ET tubes, etc.
NoIR: - - ASLMS 2005 - 6155 Pontiac T rail, S Lyon MI 48178. NoIR manufactures CE approved polycarbonate laser protective eyewear. Scratch-resistant and unbreakable, LaserShields offers high optical densities, excellent visibility and a wide field of vision. NoIR introduces several new multiple wavelength, high visibility LaserShield filters for medical applications. Custom frequency absorption, alignment, photodynamic therapy and enhancement filters are also available.
OculoPlastik: - - ASLMS 2005 - 200 W SAUVE WEST, Montreal, Quebec Canada H3L 1Y9 Tel: 514-381-3292 . The source for quality laser ocular protection and more, around the world, Ocul-Plastik (LaserSecure) offers a unique line of laser ocular protective shields (Cox II and Cox II H with offset handle), external shield (Durette II in 2 sizes and styles) and instruments (Sutcliffe lid and dental laser shields, the Khan-Jeager lidplate, D-B lid clamps, Desmarres retractors, etc) for all lasers including for laser skin resurfacing, blepharoplasty and hair removal; and for IPL systems. Also autoclavable black and yellow transparent plastic ocular shields , not for laser. New is the OPSoft mouthguard for hair removal with laser, IPL and RF systems. The Coated Durette patient goggles for IPL/RF and RF.
OmniGuide Communications Inc: - ASLMS 2004 - One Kendall Sq, Bldg 100, 3rd Fl, Cambridge MA 02139 - OmniGuide Communications develops a new type of optical fiber that can deliver CO2 laser beams through a flexible endoscope. The technology is based on highly flexible, hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers. This will enable minimally invasive laser surgery with the desirable properties of the widely available CO2 laser technology.

OptoGenesis: - ASLMS 2005 - 11509 North Lanear Blvd, Ste B, Austin TX 78753 . Optogenesis is a full service provider for all your IPL product and service needs. We sell a complete package of EpiCool, which expands the return on investment of your IPL system. It comes with a clinically proven setting for all skin treatments and hair removal on all five-skin types. Additionally we refurbish IPL and laser treatment heads of better than manufacturer quality at a great savings over the cost of new, with a better than manufacturer warranty. We offer complete warranties and service repair for your VascuLight, EpiLight and MultiLight IPL systms at a great savings over others. We have been in business for over 12 years and our founder, Dr Ghaffari, hods two patents for IPL's in the U.S.
Purex Itl LLP: - manufacturers of laser fume extraction systems. United Kingdom,  +44 (0) 1709 763000
Reliant: - ASLMS 2005. FRAXEL Laser Treatment
Rockwell Laser Industries Inc: - 
ASLMS 2005 - 7754 Camargo Rd, Cincinnati OH 45243. Rockwell Laser Industries provides extensive laser safety products and services to the medical laser industry. The RLI training institute offers in-depth laser safety courses with hands-on experience and is available at regional locations, online, or at your facility. Our product line includes: eyewear, barriers, and CD-ROM training and interlock systems.
Snowden Pencer - instrumentation
Surgimedics: - ASLMS 2005. 2950 Mechanic St, Lake City PA 16423. Surgimedics is increasing the safety of the healthcare work place by offering cost-effective and efficient surgical smoke plume removal and decontamination.
Syris Scientific:  - - ASLMS 2005 - 22 Shaker Rd, Grey ME 04039 - Vision enhancement system. Syris Scientific provides visual technology utilizing patented cross-polarization, magnification and illumination. This allows the user to see beneath the skin surface, providing excellent visualization of subsurface vascular structures, pigmented lesions, and other subsurface conditions even with laser goggles.
Trinity - ASLMS 2005 - 4110 Central Avenue NE, Columbia Heights MN 55421. Tel: 800-393-5565. Trinity Technologies is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of laser safety products including laser protective eyewear, windows and barrier systems. We take great pride in offering a full range of laser safety solutions to customers all over the world. Our staff of laser safety experts can offer effective safety solutions for all applications, including medical, military, aerospace, telecommunications, research and industrial. 
Uvex:  Laser Safety Eyewear
Wilson Industries, Inc.: - Laser protective Curtains "Laz-R-Barrier". Safety Eyewear, Complete line of Safety products. Pomona CA. 800-423-4277.
Zimmer MedizinSystems: - ASLMS 2005 - 25 Mauchly, Ste 300, Irvine CA 92618. Cold Air Cooling - CR40 5 is designed to meet the cooling requirements of an aethetic practice. The CR40 5 is easy to operate, no consumables, and works with all non-ablative devices.

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Fortec Medical: , - We are a full service medical laser outsourcing company headquartered at 10125 Wellman Rd. Streetsboro , OH 44241; 800.963.7101.  We service over 32 states.  We carry over 27 different platforms. Laser Rentals.
Southeast Laser Systems: Dave Austell, SC. Sales, Service, Rentals. 800-223-0949

LASER SERVICE & REPAIR, & PARTS  (3RD Parties Besides the Manufacturers):

II-VI Corporation:     Infrared Optics for CO2 Lasers
Advanced Medical Laser: Independent Medical Laser Service including IPL's. Raul Passement. . San Antonio TX Tel: 210-488-5571
American Medical Source: - L.A.S.E.R. inc, Montco precision machine, FiberOptic bulbs inc., 
Carson City Laser:  Nevada
Coherent Auburn Group: - Power Meters for lasers
CVI Laser Corporation: - Laser Optics & Parts
Derm Laser Repair, LLC: - Burlington MATimothy Flynn.   508-728-7883  Independent Laser Field Service Engineer…providing dermatology laser field services and repair solutions…. mail in/mail out handpiece, laser head and optical assembly failure diagnosis and rebuilds. Consulting and phone-in technical support for select system models. Candela laser system specialist. Secondary source for laser system parts and consumables. New (June 2004) Hyper Durable windows for the GentleLase Derm Laser 18mm slider repairs - also work on the Yags such as GentleYag and minivariable pulse Yag - last 5x longer than conventional windows. 
Directed Light: - parts & services for all brands of lasers. 
East Coast Laser & Medical: - laser service, medical sales
Future Medical Technologies: - 440-893-9151. Novelty, Ohio
LaBelle Laser Services inc: 850-916-0842. Gulf Breeze FL
Laser Engineering: - Located in Franklin MA, Laser Engineering is a division of PLC Medical Systems. We service all models of CO2 laser tubes, as well as provide OEM, or replacement tubes, and have been in business since 1981.  
Laser Labs: - Florida based. Service, used lasers for medical, scientific, entertainment, parts.
L.A.S.E.R. inc.: - CO2 laser adapters & accessories
LaserMan: - Accessories, sales & service for medical lasers
Laser Mechansims: - Advanced laser beam delivery systems
The Laser Medic: - Terry Storer, John Nance, TX, Laser Repair

Laser Service Alliance, LLC: - New & used laser systems, laser service & support for health care networks, manufacturers and individual offices & clients.
     Laser Service Alliance is a training partner with our nonprofit organization, so we encourage all readers to support them.

LASEROPTIK LASEROPTIK is a manufacturer of high power coatings and optics for lasers in the range of 157nm to the far infrared (FIR). LASEROPTIK supplies all standard dielectric coatings and optics including specialties, e.g. thinfilm polarizers, attenuators, edge filters, gradient filters, magnetron sputtered coatings on fibres, crystals or plastics.Hanover Germany. Tel. ++49-5131-45970 . E-mail: 
Laser Power Optics:  Infrared laser optics
Laser Solutions: Richard Cook, NJ, East coast laser service
LuxarCare, LLC: - Laser Sales & Service.  1-866-589-2722 toll free (US only) 1-425-487-9988 tel, 1-425-487-1157 fax LuxarcareTM Mission is to protect your Luxar laser ownership and investment through comprehensive LuxarcareTM Services and Support extending the lifetime of your laser as well as the whole installed base of Luxar CO2 medical lasers (LX-20, Novapulse & Accuvet are trademarks of Luxar / ESC / Lumenis) in North America and worldwide

Medical Laser Engineering: -Concord MA. Tel 978-318-9996. Medical Laser Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1987. We provide Manufacturer service and support. MLE sells New, Pre-Owned and Refurbished, Asclepion and Norseld Lasers. We carry the Norseld Y|Lite and Dual-Yellow as well Asclepion Dermablate, RubyStar+, MCL-29, MultiStar, CoolStar, QuadraStar and Refurbished MedioStar.
Medical Laser Services Corporation: - repair of laser accessories, optics, at their facility
Molectron: - Power meters for lasers
Ophir Optronics Inc:    Laser Power Meters (Also see Laser Parts Supply as a U.S. distributor

Optical Engineering and Laser Refurbishing Services - - IPL & Nd:Yag refurbishing, IPL filters & crystals, clearlight replacement bulbs, Relume & BClear Bulbs, Optics & parts, Palomar IPL refurbishing
OptoGenesis: - ASLMS 2004 - 11509 North Lanear Blvd, Ste B, Austin TX 78753 . Optogenesis is a full service provider for all your IPL product and service needs. We sell a complete package of EpiCool, which expands the return on investment of your IPL system. It comes with a clinically proven setting for all skin treatments and hair removal on all five-skin types. Additionally we refurbish IPL and laser treatment heads of better than manufacturer quality at a great savings over the cost of new, with a better than manufacturer warranty. We offer complete warranties and service repair for your VascuLight, EpiLight and MultiLight IPL systms at a great savings over others. We have been in business for over 12 years and our founder, Dr Ghaffari, hods two patents for IPL's in the U.S.

Optometrics: - holographic or ruled wire grid polarizers.  Ayer MA. 978-772-1700
Parallex Technology - laser tube refurbishing
Photonic Services, LLC:   - Paul Edmondson, owner. Repairs & Services all types of medical lasers & IPL equipment.
PhotoVac Technologies: - Chris Zelich, Laser Tube Refurbishing 
Quanta Technologies: - 
Texas based. We provide Laser Service (Scheduled Maintenance and Emergency Service) on products manufactured by Coherent, Sharplan, SSI/Laser Engineering, Convergent, Dornier, LaserSonics, Nidek, Lumenis, Fotona, Candela, and others.  Our Service Department is focused on customers in the Southwest and we provide outstanding customer service and support for the continued development of our customer's laser programs.  We are pleased to offer guaranteed on-site service response times for Emergency Service Calls.   Additionally, we developed and continue to manage and coordinate all Service activity for Fotona USA on a NATIONWIDE basis.  Fotona USA manufactures various laser systems for use in Aesthetic applications. We currently have 15 Service Locations throughout the United States helping customers develop and maintain their laser programs.  We develop and provide Educational Programs that meet National and State regulations regarding Laser Safety Officer Training, Laser Operator Training, and Medical Assistant Training for the use of Non-Ionizing Radiation Devices.  We offer pre-defined courses with set objectives and can develop customized courses to meet the specific needs of our customers.  We distribute a variety of Laser related products including; Laser Systems (New and Refurbished - CO2, Holmium, Argon, Diode, etc...), Laser Accessories (Fibers, Eyewear, Patient Protective Products, Micromanipulators, Laparoscope Couplers, Hand Pieces, etc...).  
Sun Medical inc: Grand Prairie TX, 800-678-6633. Electronic Medical Instrumentation for the future.
Southeast Laser Systems: Dave Austell, SC. Sales, Service, Rentals. 800-223-0949
Southern Medical Lasers: - 
Jeff Gordon. Laser Services in the Carolinas and Georgia areas. Parts for Versapulse Lasers. Ph:803-461-5280Fax: 803-936-0250
Spiricon, Inc: - beam profiler for Nd:Yag lasers.  Logan, UT
Telsar: www.telsar.comASLMS 2005. 1 Enviroway, Ste 100, Wood River, IL 62095. Telsar laboratories is proud to announce the introduction of its new products: The DermaChiller 4 is a handheld, skin-cooling device for use with laser dermatology applications. The self-contained unit is also FDA approved for superficial injections. The Carbon based lotion that Telsar produces for the SoftLight laser systems are now available for others as well. The Tracking lotion will show where any laser system has been applied to the skin and the Shielding lotion will safely protect sensitive areas from laser energy when properly applied. Peter Zimmer, IL
Universal Medical Lasers: - Herb Diegl, FL 561-778-1877 . Laser Service & Repair, used laser systems.
Wavelength - 
Tel: 65-65649624  Fax: 65-65643862, Medical Laser Optics

WorldLink Biomedical, LLC: - New & used laser systems and biomedical equipment, laser service & support for health care networks, manufacturers and individual offices & clients. Member of the Laser Service Alliance, offering nationwide service contract coverage.
   WorldLink is a training partner with our nonprofit organization, so we encourage all readers to support them.


Acculight: - solid state laser technology 
American Laser Enterprises: No Website.  Laser Cutting Head.  Northville, MI. 248-449-3714
Anolaze: - laser marking, engraving, anodizing
Applied Optronics:
Manufacturer of high power laser diodes
B&W Tek Inc:  oem diode & fiber systems
Big Sky Lasers: - solid state laser systems including Nd:Yag, Er:Yag and all others.
CJ Laser Corp:   metal vapor lasers 
Coast Life Technologies:  oem surgical laser fiber mfg & catheters for cholangiography
Control Corporation of America (CONCOA): - Assist Gas Regulator for laser cutting of stainless steel.  Virginia Bch, VA.  800-225-0473
Cutting Edge Optronics (CEO) - solid state components, laser diodes, diode-pumped modules.  St Charles, MO.  636-916-4900
Del Mar Photonics:
858-361-3780. Del Mar Photonics designs and manufactures advanced ultrafast lasers and related products for research, education and industrial applications. DMP base systems include Ti:sapphire and Cr:forsterite ultrafast laser oscillators and amplifiers. Del Mar Photonics sells a wide range of related products at very competitive costs including: Faraday isolators, pulse measurement devices, wavelength conversion modules, near infrared viewers, and bulk optics. These products complement our main laser system product lines. DMV laser systems are built on an open architecture design allowing customers to adjust their system for changing applications and technological advances.
Ellen Group - cutting, marking, engraving 
Fotona - Industrial, Medical, Defense, optical communications, optics, mechanical parts & depositions
Hamamatsu: - Photonic crystals for light control - developing space based, gravity free, manufacturing of gel crystals. Used in photonics applications in communications, data processing & more.
High Power Devices: - High Power diode lasers for OEM applications including medical
InnovaQuartz Inc: - 
produces proprietary laser fiber technology designed for use with most surgical SMA905 port laser systems such as Coherent/Lumenis, Dornier, New Star, Trimedyne, Microvasive, etc.. SureFlex Holmium Laser Fiber Technology with the patented BlackHole Termination. Kirk Westhoff, Medical Sales Director 623-434-1895
Irradia: - Surgical & Medical Lasers, Stockholm Sweden
Lambda Physik: - industry, science, medicine, lithography, lasers including excimer, optics, Ft Lauderdale FL  954-486-1500. 500Hz OPTexPro Excimer for oem into medical systems.
LaserAmazers: - Light Shows, enthusiasts, new & used lasers, blue, green, yellow, red, white lasers
Laser Engineering - design, manufacture & service of sealed tube, DC excited CO2 lasers
Laser Lines Industrial & Medical: - United Kingdom based oem manufacturer

Laser Scientific - 225 Sundance Pkwy #230B, Round Rock, TX, 78681. 512-733-8709. Laser Scientific manufactures FDA approved replacement fiber optics for mainstream medical lasers, such as the Candela GentleLASE family of lasers. Several other laser components are in manufacturing or development.
Lee Laser: - A global OEM partner for Nd:Yag lasers. Tel: 407-812-4611. Orlando Florida
Level Medical Systems - Italy. Therapeutic laser systems with focus on diode lasers
Lexel Laser:  
Light Age Inc.: - Alexandrite lasers for medical, industrial & Scientific
Lisa Laser Products: - Germany
MicroCosm: - photonics applications, imaging, research
Nufern: - ASLMS 2004 - 7 Airport Park Rd, E Granby CT 06026. Nufern - the premier manufacturer of fiber-intensive laser and amplifier sub-assemblies and specialty optical fibers, offers a complete range of industry-standard fibers. From Panda-style PM to rare-earth doped and double-clad Nufern can rapidly transition from custom fiber developments to full volume production. Nufern is the leading developer of custom double-clad fibers for high-power fiber lasers and also offers a wide range of commercially available high-power fibers. Custom abilities include unique coatings, cables, connectors, radiation-hard and multi-core fiber designs.

Point Source: - Flexible Laser Technology 
Positive Light: - diode-pumped, inctra-cavity doubled, Q-switched Nd:YLF lasers.  Los Gatos, CA 408-399-7744
Precitec: - YC50 compact cladding head for use with diode and Nd:Yag lasers. Laser Welding Monitor. New Hudson, MI.  248-446-8100
Premier Laser Systems: - 

Redi Medical, Inc.: - 480-634-5109. sells laser fibers designed for use with Dornier laser, Lumenis, Diomed, New Star, Stonelight and others. Smoke evacuation and laser eyewear.
RJ Medical: - Germany, low level laser therapy
Ryan Screen Printing: and  - Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving and Laser Manufacturer Site. Milwaukee WI.  414-546-4417
Shanghai Wonderful Opto-Electrics Tech: - 
Smooth-Bor Plastiks:  oem plastic tubing for smoke evacuation and laser products

Solid State Cooling Systems - ASLMS 2005 - 20 Pleasant View Rd, Pleasant Valley NY 12569. Manufactures precise temperature control thermoelectric products, which are compact, whisper-quiet, vibration free, reliable and energy saving. Our family of thermoelectric temperature control products (recirculating chillers, heat exchangers and power supplies) serve diverse applications in fields such as lasers, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, and miliary.
SpectraPhysics: - est. 1961 - complete OEM laser line - CW, modulated and pulsed fiber lasers from mWs to kWs industrial applications.  Albuquerque NM, 877-839-6103
TJS Laser: - laser flashlamps, service & components, industrial laser marking software
ThermoTek - ASLMS 2005 - 1454 Halsey Way, Carrollton TX 75007. ThermoTek offers the smallest and lightest low wattage chillers and heat exchangers on the market. We offer innovative thermal solutions at competitive pricing with customization available.
TuiLaser: - Excimer Lasers for medical applications
Wavelength Optics - Singapore. Optics for all laser wavelengths
WaveLight Laser Technologie AG: - 
ASLMS 2005. 46040 Center Oak Plaza, Sterling VA 20166. Develops, manufactures and markets innovative laser systems for extensive use in various fields of medicine, including dermatology and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery. The comprehensive and design-awarded range of aesthetic and dermatology laser systems covers skin rejuvenation/resurfacing, epilation, vascular treatments, treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo. 2004

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Advanced Medical, Inc.: - pre-owned lasers and cosmetic enhancement equipment 425-844-1189
Aesthetic , , , - Buy & Sell medical lasers. Ft. Myers, Florida, Ft. Lauderdale & Miami Florida, Flushing, NYC Locations. Rory Tringali - 305-531-6644.
Aesthetic Partners Inc: New & Used Cosmetic Laser Dealer. First in used cosmetic lasers!   Refurbished, pre-owned and used cosmetic lasers and aesthetic lasers bought and sold.
Adapt Medical: - California
Cosmetic Medical Company, Inc.: - 800-854-3504. Used cosmetic equipment including lasersIPLmicrodermabraders, and more.
E-Bay items matching Laser: 
Equipment Finders: - used lasers
Laser Labs: - Florida based. Service, used lasers for medical, scientific, entertainment, parts.
The Laser - buy/sell used laser equipment. Morrison CO, 
Toll Free 866-LZR-NTWK. The laser network is dedicated to providing excellence in distribution and service by combining over 25 years of experience in the worldwide laser marketplace creating business solutions. TLN offers assistance with procurring and redeploying lasers and IPL systems, both new and used. TLN provides one of the largest pre-owned laser databases to help you find the perfect system, with operations in 20 countries worldwide.
Laser Resale Inc.:   used laser systems
The Laser - buy/sell used laser equipment. Morrison CO, Toll Free 866-LZR-NTWK
Medical Equipment Marketing: -M.E.M provides leading edge health technologies remarketing for used/refurbished: aesthetic-equipment, medical and cosmetic lasers, diagnostic imaging equipment, CT's, MR's C-arms, mammo, ultrasound, bone densitometers, equipment consulting, buying and selling, consignment and bartering options. Located in Ft Myers, Ft Lauderdale & Miami Florida, Flushing NY and NYC locations.
Medical Laser Engineering: -Concord MA. Tel 978-318-9996. Medical Laser Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1987. We provide Manufacturer service and support. MLE sells New, Pre-Owned and Refurbished, Asclepion and Norseld Lasers. We carry the Norseld Y|Lite and Dual-Yellow as well Asclepion Dermablate, RubyStar+, MCL-29, MultiStar, CoolStar, QuadraStar and Refurbished MedioStar.
MedMatrix: - used laser systems & other medical equipment
MedSafe Brokers:  
Sandstone Medical Technologies, - ASLMS 2005 - 516 Scott St, Homewood AL 35209. Sandstone Medical sells pre-owned cosmetic lasers. We feature lasers for hair removal, vein removal and skin rejuvenation. We will save your facility 30-50% compared to the cost of a new aesthetic laser. In addition we purchase lasers that are no longer being used.

WorldLink Biomedical, LLC: - New & used laser systems & biomedical equipment, laser service & support for health care networks, manufacturers and individual offices & clients. Member of the Laser Service Alliance, offering nationwide service contract coverage.
   WorldLink is a training partner with our nonprofit organization, so we encourage all readers to support them.


Academy of Laser Dentistry: - Provides training & certification for Laser Dentists, Hygienists & Assistants
Aesthetic Buyers Guide: ,  - ASLMS 2005 - 120 Vantis, Ste 470, Alisa Viejo CA 92656 - Medical Insight publishes Medical Laser Insight and the Aesthetic Buyers Guide.

Aesthetic Trends & Technologies: ASLMS2005 - 23046 Avenida De La Carlota, Ste 600, Laguna Hills CA 92653 - Aesthetic trends & technologies magazine encompasses all topics useful to the groups of aesthetic professionals reached by over 20,000 circulations. Articles featured in each issue include cosmeceuticals and anti-aging, dermatology, laser and light technology, legal issues, male aesthetic procedures, medical spas, and plastic surgery topics to assist the aesthetic physician. The latest advanced in aesthetic products and procedures will be addressed in every issue, keeping the physician in tune with the continual change in the aesthetic industry, thereby allowing those physicians to apply the related topics to their individual practices and needs.
American Society for Dermatologic Surgery:  
American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery:  - 2404 Stewart Ave, Wausau WI 54401. Tel: 715-845-9283. The ASLMS is the world's largest scientific organization dedicated to facilitating research, education, and high standards of clinical care in the field of medical laser applications. It provides a forum for the exchange of scientific information and participates in communicating the latest developments in laser medicine and surgery to clinicians, research investigators, government, regulatory agencies, and the public. The Society has taken the lead in formulating standards and guidelines for establishing safe, effective laser programs in hospitals and other insitutions, and have recommended standards for medical laser training programs.

American Society for Photodynamic Therapy:   ASLMS 2005. 2563 Capital Medical Blvd, Tallahassee FL 32308. The ASPDT seeks to become the premier organization in the world for education and advancement of the science and practice of photodynamic therapy and photodetection.
BioPhotonics International - ASLMS 2005 - 2 South Street, Berkshire Common, Pittsfield MA 01201 Tel: 413-499-0514 - Biophotonics International magazine is designed for people who are using photonic technology in medical or biotechnical products and procedures, and for key researchers who are looking for new techniques and products to solve their problems. It is distributed free to those who use or apply photonics.
British Medical Laser Association: - 
Dermascope - - Magazine - the encyclopedia of aesthetics and spa therapy
Elsevier: W.B. Saunders/Mosby/Churchill: - ASLMS 2005 - 3406 Hidden Pines Court, Arlington TX 76016 - Textbooks

European Medical Laser - - Health Directory. 
The mission of is to help business and professional searchers find what they are looking for. We have developed our directory with this philosophy in mind. Our long term goal is to produce the web's largest and most comprehensive web directory. This section focuses on topics related to human and animal health and medicine. links to carefully selected information and Web sites from over 30,000 health-related organizations.
International Medical Laser Information Center: -
International Micro Thermal Science Association: - 5375 Mira Sorrento Place, Ste 100, San Diego CA 92121 - The International Micro Thermal Science Association ( is a professional association of physicians dedicated toward advancing the science of fractional photothermolysis. The Association's charter is to provide education and training for clinicians and to award grants to physicians for scientific study in fractional photothermolysis.

John Wiley & Sons Publishers: - the "Lasers in Medicine & Surgery" official journal of the ASLMS
Journal of Biomedical Optics: - peer reviewed journal
Laser Eye Surgery - PRK & LASIK: - Independent information on eye surgery
Lasers & Eyesight: - Preserving the miracle of sight article 
Lasers & Health: - Commercial Patient Information website sponsored by Fotona Lasers
Laser Express / Laser News Net: - official online journal of the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery
Laser Florence: - annual Laser conference, Florence Italy
Laser Focus World / Medical Laser Report: - ASLMS 2005 - 98 Spit Brook Road, Nashua NH 03062. Laser Focus World is a monthly magazine for engineers, researchers, scientists, and technical managers, providing comprehensive global coverage of optoelectronic and photonic technologies, applications and markets. LFW reports on and analyzes the latest developments and significant trends in both technology and business in the worldwide optoelectronics industry..  847-559-7520
Laser Institute of America: - ASLMS 2005 13501 Ingenuity Drive, Ste 128, Orlando FL 32826. Industrial/Scientific oriented laser association. LIA is the professional society dedicated to fostering lasers, laser applications and laser safety worldwide. The LIA provides contact hours and BLS CM points for all our medical laser safety training courses, which include in-hbouse training. LIA also offers medical safety standards and guides, including the LIA Medical Laser Safety Officer Guide. LIA is your source for medical laser safety and applications worldwide.
Lasers Optics - 

Laser Training Institute: - Laser training division of the nonprofit Professional Medical Education Assn., All lasers, All medical specialties. In-house Laser Training programs. Regional laser training programs including for Laser Safety Officers. Physician credentialing programs arranged under contract with groups and health care facilities. Accredited programs apply toward the Laser Certification requirements of the National Council on Laser Excellence (NCLE). - ASLMS 2005. Sponsor for nursing credits for all of the ASLMS courses.

Laser World, Swedish Laser Medical Society: - internet directory for Low Level Laser Therapy
LTI - Laser Therapy Institute: - website in German. Training for Low Level Laser therapy.
Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins: - ASLMS 2004 - 318 North Heartz Rd, Coppell TX 75019. Most recent publications in laser, dermatology, and plastic surgery, and other medical texts.
Medical Laser Optics: 
Medical Laser Report / Laser Focus World:  magazines

National Council on Laser - ASLMS 2005. Laser Certification agency - cross industry council for voluntary Laser Certification for operators & technicians. A credentialing board of the nonprofit Professional Medical Education Association. "NCLE Laser Certified™"

Optical Society of America (OSA) - journals in the field of optics. - online photonics resource guide 
Photonics: - Photonics Spectra Magaine by Laurin Publishing. Free subscription.  Pittsfield, MA. 413-499-0514
Rockwell Laser Industries: - Industrial/Scientific Consulting services, training programs, laser safety
Skin & Age Magazine/HMP publications: - 
ASLMS 2005. 83 General Warren Blvd, Ste 100, Malvern PA 19355. Skin & Aging magazine is published monthly for dermatologists.
Society for Optical Engineering: - ASLMS 2005 - 1000 20th St, Bellingham WA 98227. SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing scientific research and engineering applications of optical, photonic imaging and optoelectronic technologies through its meetings, educational programs, publications and exhibitions. A core mission of the society is to provide a full range of continuing education, professional development, and student/educator resources and services.
The Spa Association:
   The Spa Association website is an industry website.  The association offers benefits to day spa and medical spa owners such as, educational materials and group health insurance.
Stanford University Laser Safety Manual: - 
Swiss Association Laser Therapy (SALT): - website in German. Association for Low Level Laser Therapy
Texas Dept of Health Radiation Safety: 
Univ of Rochester, Laser Safety Overview: 
Univ of Kansas, Radiation Safety Office: 
Virtual Naval Hospital - Detection & Prevention of Laser Injuries: 
World Association of Laser Therapy - Association focusing on Low Level Laser Therapy
Yahoo Health Laser Surgery - videos on laser eye surgery 
Z136 organization: - Committee(s) that put together the ANSI Z136 Laser Safety Recommendations

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LASER Related Information:

Air Force Research: - Laser Medical Pen
Air Force Research: -Laser Medical Pak - field usable, battery operated, surgical diode laser
Arizona State Univ: - Laser Safety Manual Appendix - procedures to establish medical surveillance (eye exams)
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Ethicon Endo-Surgery site for Rx of BPH with Indigo Laser system
Boston Univ. School of Medicine: - CME Cutaneous Laser Course by Thomas Rohrer, MD.
CDRH Consumer Information Laser Facts: 
Center for UltraFast Optical Science, Univ of Michigan: 
Dept of Energy, Centers of Excellence for Medical Laser Applications: 
Dept of Energy, Laser Award Nomination: - 308nm Excimer Laser
FDA - Does the Product Emit Radiation?: 
Greatest Achievements - Laser & Fiberoptics: 
Laser Pointers - NRPB Advice Article: 
LATIS, Lawrence Livermore Labs: - Laser Tissue interaction, computer modeling
Lund University Medical Laser Centre: - Sweden
Optical Tweezers & Laser Scalpel related links 
Ruby Laser History


Al Shabba Medical Laser Center: - Syria
Arizona Heart Institute - - Phoenix Arizona
Carruthers Deramtology Centers, Inc: - Vancouver, BC Canada. 604-714-0223. Botox pioneer.
Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery: - California, Bay area
Center for Vision Optimization: - The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio
Chirurgia Estetica: - En Espanol 

Chris Inglefield Bsc FRCS Plast: , or to the specific laser page:, United kingdom
Cosmetic Laser Center of Los Angeles: - 110222 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 400, Tel 310-914-4114

Dermatology & Laser Center of Louisiana: The doctors in this office, P. Ronald Loria, M.D. and Diane Loria Rose, M.D. are Board certified Dermatologists, Metairie LA, 504-885-8363
Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center: - California
Google Web Directory of Ophthalmic Centers: 
Indian Institute of Laser Medicine: - India
LaserGruppen: - Sweden, Cosmetic Laser procedures
Laser Medical Centers:  Plastic & Cosmetic Laser procedures
Laser Medical Center, Colombia South America: - En Espanol (Cosmetic)
LaserVue Medical Associates: - Ophthalmic, California, Bay area
LightTouch Vein & Laser: - Cosmetic Laser Centers
Massachusetts General Hospital - ASLMS 2005. 13th St, Bldg 149, Ste 5036, Charlestown, MA 02129
Medical Cosmetic Center: - 4199 Gateway Blvd. Suite 2000 Newburgh, IN  47630 Tel: (812) 842-2229 Fax: (812) 853-3088. Located above Deaconess Women's Hospital.
My Heavenly Skin: - 436 West Palmetto St, Florence SC 29501. Tel 843-667-1919
National Medical Laser Centre, UCL: - United Kingdom
Medical Alliance: mobile laser services
PhotoFacial: Patrick Bitter Sr, MD. California. Rx for Rosacea, etc.
PhotoFacial Australia: - The Photofacial?, the next generation in phototherapy & collagen renewal. At last! Phototherapy at a price everyone can afford. Treat yourself and your clients to the latest innovation in the skin care market today – the 'Photofacial? Toning Device'. The Photofacial? will enhance your business and add a whole new dimension to your current facial treatments
Radiancy Australia: - LHE? technology is an innovative and adaptable technology which optimises pulse duration and effectively combines the healing power of Light and Heat. LHE? technology efficiently shifts the Light/Heat balance to suit the application. Switching from the directed Heat effective for hair removal to the soothing green and red Light essential for acne clearance to the even balance of Light and Heat necessary for skin rejuvenation
Skin Laser Clinic: - Department of Dermatology, Royal Free Hospital, Pond Street, London, NW3 2QG
Skin Laser Dubai, UAE: 
UCLA Institute of Laser Medicine: -
USC/Doheny Refractive Laser Medical Center: 
Oregon Medical Laser Center:

AESTHETIC INDUSTRY RELATED LINKS: (These are products and services that may be of interest to those performing medical/surgical laser procedures, but are not directly laser related such as microdermabrasion, skin care products, pharmaceuticals, imaging devices, management & information systems, financing etc. )

3 Gen LLC: - ASLMS 2005 - 23801 Salvador Bay, Dana Point CA 92629. Experience the beauty of 3 Gen's innovation in advanced no-oil dermoscopy and simple to use epilluminescence microscopy with DermLite, DermLite Platinum, DermLite Pro, DermLite FOTO, FOTOSoft and MoleMax FOTO. Telephone: 949-481-6384 & FAX 949-240-7492
Advanced Microderm Inc.:  - 877-763-4861. Schaumberg IL. Dermaglide microdermabrasion system designed to use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). 
Aesthetic Marketing Concepts: - ASLMS 2005 - 101 Village Parkway, Bldg 1, Ste 100, Marietta GA 30067. AMC offers everything you need to effectively and affordably market your cosmetic practice! Patient education brochures, websites, patient mailing postcards, practice management, procedures/gift cards, custom brochures and advertisements, logo design, and internet directory listings for

Aesthetic Technologies, Inc: , - ASLMS 2005 - 14828 W 6th Ave, Unit B-9, Golden CO 80401. ATI is the leading manufacturer of microdermabrasion devices and aesthetic products.
Altair Instruments: - Camarillo CA. Tel: 805-388-8503. Manufacturers two crystal free microdermabrasion systems. DiamondTome Skin resurfacing medical model features diamond tipped wands with 4 different grits capable of mild exfoliation to aggressive skin resurfacing. NewApeel Aesthetic Exfoliation System has 2 different diamond grits for mild to moderate exfoliation of stratum corneum.
Anew International Inc.: - ASLMS 2004 - 32 Cunningham RdDeBary FL 32713 Tel: 407-668-1981 - We sell a product that we developed for the medical field 13 years ago. Our product fills a need the medical professionals have, dry, cracking cuticles and problem nails from continuous hand scrubbing, alcohol use, and powder found in protective gloves.

Anti-Age Concepts: - Trabuco Canyon, CA. Tel: 949-589-0302NutriMinC Re9 skincare
Bella Products Inc: - Foothill Ranch, CA. Tel: 877-550-5655. Microdermabrasion machines, LED photorejuvenation light systems, vacu-pressure therapy systems and ultrasound systems for aesthetic and medical markets. Dermal Nutrients skin products.
BiO2 Cosmeceuticals International Inc: - ASLMS2005 - 1504 Rutgers Place, Harbor City, CA 90710 Tel:800-499-1372 - Advanced Skin Care products including Oxy-Mist treatment and Amino-Plex ingredient. A new product is Amino-Plex vital nutrient skin therapy, with pure medical grade oxygen for patients/clients to take home with them.

Biocell:  - ASLMS 2004 - 2101 E St, Elmo Road, Building 2, Ste 275, Austin TX 78744 - For years, cosmetic dermatologists have searched for an ideal method to remove layers of skin to reveal rejuvenated new skin without surgery, pain or wounds. That search is over. MediDerm is the latest scientific breakthrough in skin rejuvenation.
BioForm, Inc: - Injectable implant products for soft & hard tissue augmentation. Small shperical particles of synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) and a gel carrier.
CARE-TECH Laboratories, Inc: - ASLMS 2005 - 3224 S. Kingshighway Blvd, St Louis MO 63139 - new patented technology for Rx of pre or post lased tissue. "Humatrix" microclysmic gel and "Le Visage Pur" prepatory degreasing cleanser.
Catrix/Lescarden: - ASLMS 2005 - Catrix skin care expedites the healing process while relieving irritation following dermatologic procedures; helps ensure superior results from laser microdermabrasion, chemical peels and retinoid treatments.
CosMedix: - ASLMS 2005 - 4900 Highlands Parkway, Smyrna GA 30082 Tel: 678-444-0122 - Cosmedix combines the purity of an all-natural, artificial preservative/color/fragrance free and completely chirally corrected skincare line with a result-oriented, prescription-strength product selection including our innovative, highly profitable, non-traumatic chemical peels for the physician, esthetician and spa. We offer paramedical aesthetic education classes as well.
Court Square Leasing - ASLMS 2005 - a subsidiary of Provident Bank, a $7 billion publicly traded (PBKS) bank founded in 1884. Offers a variety of equipment leasing services with fixed payments, flexible structures, low rates and simple documentation all with their commitment to you of efficient and responsive service.
Creative Technologies: - ASLMS 2005 - 1025 Executive Blvd, Ste 112, Chesapeake VA 23320 - The solution is here! Meladine enhances the effects of hair removal lasers in treating non-pigmented hair. A patented delivery system deposits natural melanin into the hair follicle, creating a safe and termporary target for the laser. Sonacaine delivers quick and effective pain relief for a wide range of aesthetic procedures.
DermaMed USA, Inc. / Megapeel: - ASLMS 2004 - 394 Parkmount Rd, PO 198, Lenni PA 19052 - Tel: 888-789-6342 DermaMed USA is a trusted leader in the cosmetic equipment industry that is known for innovative technology and excellent customer service. We manufacture MegaPeel microdermabrasion systems featuring patented technology for a cleaner, safer environment; and the Quadra Q4 Quad-Pulsed Light system that utilizes patented krypton flashlamp technology to deliver the safest, most effective treatments available. Distributes an Intense Pulsed Light System (IPL)
Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics: - ASLMS 2005. 4835 E Cactus Rd, Ste 240, Scottsdale, AZ 85254. The Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinic franchise offers you the keys to success for a laser skin care clinic: proven marketing, advertising and PR expertise, internal methods of operation, equipment recommendations, and extensive training for technical and administrative staff. Exclusive territories and Master Regional franchises are available on a limited basis.
DermaWave - ASLMS 2005. 15693 83 Lane North, Loxahatchee, FL 33470. Body Jet water-assisted liposuction system, DermaWave no-needle mesotherapy system for cellulite-affected areas. Exclusive territory programs.
DUSA Pharmaceuticals: - ASLMS 2005 - 25 Upton Dr, Wilmington MA 01887 - Tel: 877-533-3872. DUSA Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the development of LEVULAN PDT and PD for multiple medical indications. DUSA's Levulan and Kerastick combined with the BLU-U, blue light is FDA approved for treating actinic keratoses of the face or scalp. BLU-U light alone treatment is FDA approved for moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris.
Edge Systems Corporation: - ASLMS 2004 - 2321 E 28th St, Signal Hill CA 90755 - Edge Systems Corporation is a FDA registered manufacturer that designs, manufactures, and sells medical and cosmetic devices/products worldwide. Edge Systems products include: the Delphia microdermabrasion and massage therapy systems, OxyMax oxygen therapy system, UltraCam color UV camera, UltraMax ultrasonic skin cleaner, Telangitron (for spider vein removal), and surgical smoke evacuators. More new products coming up. Full training and warranty available. Please contact us at 800-603-4995 or 562-988-1175. You may also e-mail to or fax to 562-988-1195. Edge Systems providesleading edge products worldwide.
Einstein Medical - ASLMS 2005 - 6675 Mesa Ridge Rd, San Diego, CA 92121 - Their client's receive search engine placement through participation in, the top rated internet directory for medical specialists. Einstein Medical also specializes in custom web site development, search engine optimization (SEO), and internet based HIPAA services, including secure medmail, the first email software to offer secure, HIPAA compliant online communication between doctors and patients.
ELTA Swiss-American Products Inc.: Website unknown - ASLMS 2005 - 4641 Nall Rd, Dallas TX 75244. Swiss-American Products, makers of the Elta skin care combines efficacy and cosmetic elegance for good patient compliance. Swiss-American now markets B Braun wound care. Try our Elta UV Shield, 30+ oil-free with 9% Z-Cote and B Braun wound care products. Post laser ointments also available.
emed Inc: - emed's SilkPeel Precision Exfoliation and Topical Delivery System is the first non-ablative device to perform particle-free abrasion while simultaneously deliverying topical formulas that target specific dermatological conditions, including acne, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, photodamage, and the fine line wrinkles. Pateneted by emed, this breakthrough technology redefines aesthetic skin resurfacing. 2004
Epilady Shavers & Epilators - - Epilady hair removal products offered by GP Care, your friendly Epilady distributor. Find the best selection of epilators and shavers by Epilady, such as Epilady Legend, Epilady Gold and other special deals.
ESBA Laboratories, Inc. - ASLMS 2005 - 1001 Jupiter Park Drive, Ste 112, Jupiter Fl 33458. Tel 800-677-9299. TOPICAINE is a translucent, non-oily gel containing lidocaine 4% in a micro emulsion drug delivery system with skin permeation enhancers and soothing agent. Rapid onset and prolonged duration, makes this product better than leading brands (*reprint of independent study available upon request). Clear gel, with great patient acceptance, easy cleanup, does not interfere with laser. Occlusion is optional. and very affordable; OTC. Dispensed principally from doctors' and aesthetic professionals' offices and is recommended for laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, collagen/botox injections, acid peels, treatment of port-wine stains and telangiectasias, electrolysis pediatric procedures, and more. Also available in 5%.
Fallene Ltd: Website unknown - ASLMS 2004 -  144 Ivy Lane, King of Prussia PA 19406. Full spectrum sun blocks for photosensitive patients. Provides skin care professionally dispensed brand of products, as well as a private label program.
Ferndale Laboratories Inc: - ASLMS 2005 - 780 W 8 Mile Road, Ferndale, MI 48220 - Ferndale labs was founded in 1897 as a manufacturing and marketing company of pharmaceuticals and dermatology products. Our leading products include: L.M.X.4 - (lidocaine 4%) utilizing Accusomes, to deliver rapid and effective topical anesthesia. Mastisol - a non-water soluble liquid surgical adhesive and Detachol - a gentle, non-irritating adhesive remover.
FotoFinder Systems, Inc. - ASLMS 2005 - 10015 Old Columbia Rd, St B215, Columbia, MD 21046. FotoFinder mediscope - an imaging system for standardized pre and post documentation of cosmetic treatments. You take portrait images, clinical images (i.e. nails) and total body images in outstanding quality. The integrated UV scan shows sun damages of the patient's face at a glance.
Gel Concepts: - ASLMS 2005 - 30 Leslie Court, Whippany NJ 07981 - Tel: 866-NatraGel.  Gel Concepts is the manufacturer of the NatraGel Dermal Delivery System used to cool, calm, hydrate and moisturize the skin. NatraGel also provides a controlled method of delivering additives to the skin (such as aloe and vitamin E). Ideally suited for use after microdermabrasion, laser treatments, photo rejuvenation, chemical peels and other dermatologic procedures.
Genesis Biosystems: - ASLMS 2005 -405 St Highway 121 Bypass, Ste D-120, Lewisville TX 75067. Tel: 888-577-7335. DermaGenesis medical microdermabrasion systems, LipiVage fat harvest, wash and transfer systems, Dermacel skin care products, Eye-A-Peel protective eye pads, ultralite surgical head lights and distributor of the NatraGel dermal delivery system and Chromolite IPL system.
Genesis Pharmaceutical Inc: Website Unknown - ASLMS 2004 - 9 Campus Drive, Parsippany NJ 07054. Genesis Pharmaceutical is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique. Genesis Pharmaceutical is a global leader in dermatological skin care. Brands include: 1) Eau Thermale Ave, a dermo-cosmetic brand based on hydrotherpay, dedicated to sensitive skin; 2) Glytone, a skin rejuvenation system offering the highest level of free glycoloic acid; 3) Glytone Clarifying System, a skin lightening / rejuvenation regimen, and 4) WellSkin, powerful anti-aging products with a high patient safty profile plus UVA/UVB sun protection
GF Messtechnik GmbH - ASLMS 2005 - Warthestrasse 21, Feltow 14523, Germany. Development, manufacturing and marketing of optical three-dimensional measuring systems and appropriate software. Skin procedures may be evaluated by multiple parameters, such as roughness, volumes and dimensions of wrinkles or scars, etc. Optical 3D invivo skin measurement - PRIMOS
Hopewell Pharmacy & Compounding Center - ASLMS 2005 - 1 West Broad St, Hopewell, NJ 08525. Full service compounding pharmacy in Central New Jersey formulating prescriptions specifically for you and your patients. From custom topical anesthetics, to mesotherapy and sclerotherapy solutions, anti-aging formulations, or whatever your needs may be.
ICN Pharmaceuticals: - Dec 03 now called Valeant - dropped laser line
Inamed Aesthetics: - Inamed Aesthetics is a global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of breast and facial aesthetic products. Inamed Aesthetics offers a comprehensive portfolio of saline and gel breast implants, tissue expanders, injectable collagen, implantable facial products, body aesthetic products, practice enhancement and physician marketing programs.

Isolagen Inc: - Isolagen is an emerging force in biotechnology, specializing in the proprietary science of autologous cellular therapy. The Isolagen process reproduces living fibroblast cells from a patient's biopsy for delivery via injection into their facial wrinkles and scars, supplementing and producing new collagen for long-term correction. The company is currently (2004) in US trials.
Karen/ColorStrokes Cosmetics: - Mineola, NY. 800-722-0528. Private label natural mineral makeup. Use private label for your own brand recognition.
Laser Coach: - Don Berryhill does Laser and Practice Expansion consulting .
Laser Marketing - ASLMS 2005 - 5820 Main St, Ste 101, Buffalo, NY 14221. - No information provided.
LCF Financial - ASLMS 2005 - 515 North Fairview St, Santa Ana, CA 92703. Leading provider of financing for healthcare professionals. We cover all financing needs from practice start-up, practice acquisition, equipment leasing, working capital, debt consolidation, and much more.
lenhance/ - website unknown - ASLMS 2004 - 650 E 4500 south, Ste 330, Salt Lake City UT 84107 - lenhance/ will have on display several computers showing examples of our complete internet marketing services including: Web Site development, reliable hosting, and strong search engine marketing. Come see us and experience the benefit of what today's Internet technology can do for your practice.
Lyco Science: - Lycogel is the first color corrective cover-up that contains LYCD (Live Yeast Cell Derivatives), a known tissue respiratory factor that facilitates oxygen, while the silica gel base allows the skin to breathe. Apply Lycogel immediately after chemical peels, skin resurfacing, non-ablative laser, or basically anything that causes redness, or bruising.
Mattioli Engineering Inc: - ASLMS 2005 - 8300 Greensboro Dr, Ste 800,, McLean VA 22102 - Ultrapeel transderm ionto-system, featuring patented Dermoelectroporation technology for the transdermal delivery of ionic drug solutions along with the Ultrapeel crystal microdermabrasion system.
MBNA Practice Solutions Inc - ASLMS 2005 - 85 Enterprise, Ste 300, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656. MBNA practice solutions offers financing for medical equipment, practice refinancing, working capital, practice improvements and relocations and practice acquisitions with competitive fixed and variable rates and terms from 12 months up to 15 years. Talk to MBNA to enhance your practice and explore your options.
MD Cosmetic & Laser Clinic: - MD Cosmetic & Laser Clinic offers an instructional 2 day course that will teach you how to inject Botox Cosmetic as well as injectable fillers. We also offer a one day hands on course on lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL). These are small group workshops that offer in-depth instruction and injecting experience, so you can start treating patients immediately. In addition, our two day on-site course includes discussion on the business and marketing aspects of a cosmetic practice.
Medical Aesthetics: - Exclusive US and Canadian rights to non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) based soft tissue dermal fillers. The fillers are sold under the Restylane, Perlane and Restylane Fine Lines brands in over 60 countries abroad. Restylane is presently being reviewed by the FDA.
MedNet Technologies Inc: - ASLMS 2005, 1975 Linden Blvd, Elmont NY 11003 - MedNet Technologies designs, hosts and manages websites for medical and dental practices, hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Clients range in size from individual medical offices to teaching hospitals. Developing and promoting your web presence on the internet is our goal.
MJD Patient Communications: - ASLMS 2005 - 4915 St Elmo Ave, Ste 306, Bethesda MD 20814. Procedure brochures for physician offices, reception area slide presentations, custom CD or VHS tapes, Messages-On-Hold system. "Doctors love our products because they generate more consults. Patients love them because they are easy to understand." 800-326-4869
National Medical Foundation for Asset Protection - ASLMS 2005 - 2230 North Univ Parkway, Bldg 2C, Provo, UT 84604. Nat'l Medical Foundation for Asset Protection provides medical professionals with the training they need to ensure protection against lawsuits no matter how large or unique the suit. We sponsor asset protection experts to speak to medical organizations across the country. The Foundation also provides unique products and services which provide medical professionals the ability to 100% protect themselves, their personal assets, and their professional practices in the event of a lawsuit or judgment against them.
NexTech Inc: - ASLMS 2005 -63 Rhoads Rd, Centerville OH 45458. Practice 2004 is a fully integrated practice management and marketing software designed from the ground up for elective procedures. Using advice and ideas from our clients, Practice 2004 has turned into a complete modular software that controls patient and prospect tracking, scheduling, billing and financial, marketing and EMR, and cycles tracking for your office.
Pharmacy Innovations - - We are a full service USP 797 compliant compounding pharmacy with locations in Erie, PA and Jamestown, NY.  We can custom compound treatments for you and your patient, and are able to ship prescriptions nationally.1-888-844-4573
Physician's Choice of Arizona - ASLMS 2005 - 8501 North Scottsdale Rd, Ste 150, Scottsdale, AZ 85253. Advanced skin care products. Physicians Choice of Arizona, Inc. is the innovator of Kojic Acid patented formulations that provide professional treatments for varied skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Chemical peel training workshops are also available. 877-PCA-SKIN
Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique - ASLMS 2005. Rooted in dermatology and hydrotherapy, Eau Thermale Avène is the number one French dermo-cosmetic brand. Since 1736, the water of Avène has been used at the Avène Dermatological Hydrotherapy Center to treat serious dermatological conditions such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. Based on the expertise gained at the hydrotherapy center and scientific data generated from over 150 clinical studies, Avène Dermatological Laboratories developed Eau Thermale Avène, a complete range of dermo-cosmetic skincare products for sensitive skin. Rich in soothing and softening Avène Thermal spring water, these products are effective in the daily care and management of sensitive skin. Discover the prescription for healthy, beautiful skin today!  call A-800-41-AVÈNE. - ASLMS 2005 - Complete internet marketing services including: web site development, reliable hosting, and strong search engine marketing.
Prescribed Solutions - ASLMS 2005 -   162 Fifth Ave, Ste 1003, NY, NY 10010. Cosmeceutical line that can be infused by a physician, in a matter of seconds with special conditions. Specific booster to address patient concerns such as acne, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, lifting, loss of elasticity and menopause control.
Prescription Dispensing Laboratories (PD Labs) - ASLMS 2005 - 19230 Stone Oak Parkway, Ste 200, San Antonio TX 78258. A compounding & research pharmacy. Developed Tri-Caine - a new fast acting topical anesthetic. Physician users report complete local anesthesia within ten minutes of occlusion. Invasive procedures such as tattoo removal can be performed without pain. - ASLMS 2005 - 8511 154th Ave NE, Redmond WA 98052. Neova Therapies with patented GHK Copper Peptide Complex. Scientific studies demonstrate strong benefits of copper peptides in anti-aging. Cutanix, dramatic Reliefa with Quadrinone for red, irritated 
SkinMedica Inc: - ASLMS 2005 - 5909 Sea Lion Place, Ste H, Carlsbad CA 92008 - SkinMedica recently launched its first presription product. EpiQuina Micro, for the treatment of melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. EqpQuin Micro delivers hydroquinone and retinal via a patented microsponge delivery system. SkinMedica features cosmeceutical products marketed exclusively to physicians. TNS Recovery Complex is the only product with NouriCel-MD, an unparalleled physiologic combination of elements found in healthy young skin.
RAJA Medical - ASLMS 2005 - 6617 Jessica Court, Lake Worth FL 33467. Vitasonix Sapphire Photo-Abrasion is the ultimate combination therapy for skin. Sapphire Photo-Abrasion combined with micro current and high frequency, is the latest in red and blue light technology as well as lymphatic drainage.
Symedex - ASLMS 2005 - 9220 James Ave South, Bloomington MN 55431. Symedex is an innovative leader, specializing in cutting-edge medical aesthetic equipment. Symedix's patented equipment and technologies include the following: Dermosonic for cellulite and body contouring; SpectraClear for photoepilation and acne clearance; Laserpeel, a compact Erbium system for light to medium skin resurfacing; DynaMed dry heat multiple therapy capsule.
Topix Pharmaceuticals: Website Unknown - ASLMS 2005 - 174 Rt 109, West Babylon NY 11704.  Tel: 800-445-2595. Topix Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to meeting the dispensing needs of exacting physicians and their patients. The Innovative direct dispense skin care private label options and brands include Citrix, Glycolix Elite, and Repelix.
Transdermatech, Inc.: - ASLMS 2004 - 1649 McFarland Blvd N, Ste 200, Tuscaloosa AL 35406. "Used InstaCaine with InstaCaine-D on the same client I had done a few days earlier with another numbing agent . . . after 10 min, took care of 60 cherry angiomas and three skin tags with the Vascutouch, electricity and is painful. The pain was much decreased. I will definitely use this product from now on, especially since it is antiseptic and does not blanch the area". Kim, Colorado.
Vibraderm: - 
2013 Crockett Ct, Irving TX 74038 Tel: 800-494-7181 Fax: 817-557-2950. Vibraderm inc is the manufacturer of the Vibraderm. This is a next generation exfoliation device that produces new collagen. Patients enjoy the fast and effective treatments and are excited about the exceptional results on the face and the entire body with only minutes of erythema and no edema.
Women First  - 5355 Mira Sorrento Place, Ste 700, San Diego CA 92121. Women's healthcare products.


American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine: - 
American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine: - 773-528-4333
American Academy of Dermatology: - 
American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: 
American Academy of Family Practitioners (AAFP): - 800-274-2237
American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO): - 
American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN): - Critical Care Nurses. 800-899-2226
American Association for Medical Instrumentation (AAMI): - Biomedical Engineers
American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC): - Respiratory Therapy. 972-243-2272
American College of Cardiology (ACC): - 301-897-5400
American College of Eye Surgeons: - 915-335-0077
American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology (ACOG): - 800-673-8444
American Hospital Association (AHA): - 312-422-3000
American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (ASCCP): - 800-787-7227
American Society for Dermatological Surgery: - 847-330-9830
American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery (ASLMS): - Annual Scientific meeting in Spring (Apr-May) each year. 715-845-9283. This is "THE" central laser meeting.
American Society for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: - 800-766-4955
American Telemedicine - 202-628-4700
American Thoracic Society: - 212-315-8794
American Urological Association (AUA): - 410-727-1100
Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI): - Biomedical Engineering. Annual summer meeting in May-June. 800-332-2264
Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN): - 303-755-6300. 

Brazilian Society of Laser in Medicine and Surgery: - 
Sociedade Brasileira de Laser en Medicina e Cirurgia. (SBLMC) Annual Congress meeting in November.
College of American Pathologists (CAP): - 800-323-4040
Controversies and Conversations in Cutaneous Laser Surgery: Mont Treblant, Canada
Florida Society of Dermatologic Surgeons: 
Health Industry Manufacturer's Association (HIMA): - 202-783-8700. Annual meeting in March each year.
Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS): - 312-664-4467
International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS): - Boston MA
International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons (ISCLS): - 
ASLMS 2005. Annual  International Symposium on Cosmetic Laser Surgery. The International Society of Cosmetic and Laser Surgeon's goal is to provide the highest quality of education on all facets of cosmetic and laser surgery, to develop courses that invoke a multidisciplinary faculty and to provide research grants to qualifed investigators in cosmetic and laser surgery.
Radiological Society of North American (RSNA): - 630-571-2670. Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology
Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiologists: - 703-691-1805
Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons (SLS): - 800-446-2659
World Association of Laser Therapy - Association focusing on Low Level Laser Therapy

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