Continuing Medical Education (CME)

The Center for Continuing Medical Education, or CCME, was established to encourage medical practitioners to continually improve their knowledge, competence, skills, and attitude on their profession to meet standards. “Continuing Education” means the study of or activities related to medical practice and public health to increase knowledge, competence, skills, and attitude towards their profession to meet standards including but not limited to any activities that result in self-improvement or learning new knowledge to apply to the medical practice and public health. Regulations by the Medical Council of Thailand on continuing education of medical practitioner B.E. 2550

CME Evaluation and Accreditation Section 

The section’s main duties include CME accreditation, CME curriculum development, and organizing training courses, meetings, seminars and other capacity building courses for healthcare personnel. The section also works on CME media research and development, and evaluate other sections’ projects to make sure that all personnel is fully developed and strengthened.