Center for Continuing Medical Education

Centre of Continuing Medical Education Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University

About the Continuing Education
Knowledge on medical practice and public health at present is constantly increasing and quickly improved which influences the improvement of health services that also have to be constantly improved, standardized, effective and up-to-date. Medical and public health personnel must continuously improve their knowledge, competence, experience, skills, as well as attitude.

The continuing education network project by Mahidol University Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital has been established to facilitate the medical and public health personnel in their continuous studies while working. This concept has already been there in the medical field which can be seen from many clauses in the National Education Act of B.E. 2542 on concepts and principles to manage life-long learning. Apart from that, the Medical Council of Thailand had issued regulations on continual studies of medical practitioner B.E. 2543 announced in the Government Gazette on August 10, 2000 which was effective from the following day onwards. Moreover, a “Continuing Education Center for Doctors” has been founded with objective to encourage medical practitioners to continually improve their knowledge, competence, skills, and attitude on their profession to meet standards. All medical practitioners practice under this regulation to conform with Mahidol University strategy 2002-2006 and the vision to become one of the top universities with international standards that focuses on studies, research, services, and becoming the learning center to improve the quality of life and the community.

At present, knowledge in medicine and public health is increasing rapidly at an unprecedented pace, resulting in a necessity to improve health service to meet standard and efficiency suitable for the existing progress of the era. Thus, it is necessary for health personnels to improve their knowledge, ability, experience and skill continually to meet these changes.  As a result, Centre of Continuing Medical Education (CME), Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi  Hospital was established in  2001 to enable medical personnels to continue their education throughout their life during daily work.  Indeed, the Medical Council of Thailand has issued bylaws concerning continuing education for medical practice, which were announced in the Royal Declaration of Thailand, 10 August 2000 and put into effect on the next day.


1. To be centre to organize academic activities for continuing education of doctors  of all disciplines in the country as well as in Southeast Asian region.

2.  To be supporting sources for life long education for the people at all levels of profession and education.

3. To be centre to support production of academic materials in all froms of production of continuing education, emphasizing information technology.

4. To be centre to support research and development of continuing education.

5. To be the source to disseminate current  knowledge in medicine and public health to the public.

6. To be the centre to generate income to support various activities of Faculty of Medicine in line with the changing status from government supported organization to self supported institute.