Medical Webinar Section Its main duties include organizing webinars and improving the webinar internet transmission to be smooth and strong for domestic and international audiences, in forms of ISDN, IP, IPTV, CCTV, DVTS and web conference.

In continuous learning through life, knowledge exchange, seminars, or conferences are important. But, it would be more convenient if no meeting rooms, traveling expense or high budget are needed. A small classroom but can be connected with teachers or lecturers are desired by many sectors because it saves cost and can be conveniently accessed. Moreover, access to overseas lecturer is another factor to successful knowledge exchange as well as saving cost and expenses.

Teleconference learning is the long-distant conference through ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), LAN (Local Area Network), ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) which can efficient transmits video, audio, and data at the same time, thus making it suitable for long-distant meetings, teaching, training, and discussions in both point to point and multi-point to multi-point formats.

Personnel and equipment available at the Continuing Education Center

1. Teleconference equipment

2. Signal and wire system

3. Multi-screen

4. Conference recording system (VCD or DVD)

Benefits of Teleconference

- reduces meeting and coordination expenses

- reduces traveling cost and time

- increases speed and convenience in corporate communication

- increases the benefits of using the internet

- reduces risks in traveling to and from the actual conference

- reduces energy used in traveling

Capability of the Teleconference Service at the Continuing Education Center

- can be set up in any meeting rooms equipped with telephone and LAN line

- is equipped with microphone and speakers, so there is no need to adjust the room’s sound system

- the teleconference is able to display data on both television and projector

- can be used with audiovisual aids in the meeting rooms

Long-Distant Learning Network

Development of Long-Distant Learning System of Mahidol University Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital

The Center for Continuing Education with the faculty and other sectors interested in long-distant classroom and meeting via teleconference has collaborated to develop a network of six long-distant learning projects, as follow;

1. Research Sponsor for Medical Students by the Department of Community Medicine in collaboration with seven affiliated hospitals – Dansai Crown Prince Hospital in Loei, Kaeng Khoi Hospital in Saraburi, Nong Khae Hospital in Saraburi, Tha Luang Hospital in Lopburi, Phatthana Nikhom Hospital in Lopburi, Lam Sonthi Hospital in Lopburi, and Lom Kao Hospital in Phetchabun.

2. Sponsor for Medical Students’ Learning by the Department of Orthopedics in collaboration with three affiliated hospitals - Buriram Hospital in Buriram, Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital in Nakhon Ratchasima, and Chaophraya Yommaraj Hospital in Suphan Buri.

3. Southern Border Provinces Network by the Department of Orthopedics in collaboration with three affiliated hospitals - Yala Provincial Hospital in Yala, Pattani Hospital in Pattani, and Narathiwat Ratchanakharin Hospital in Narathiwat.

4. Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital and Yamagata University (Japan) Collaboration

5. Rural Medical Doctors project by the Department of Family Medicine which is still in experimental period with 16 affiliated hospitals

6. GIN Conference Project: a long-distant conference via government network sponsored by the Electronic Government Agency (Public Organisation), or EGA, for meetings of hospital certifying bodies with more than 160 hospitals in the network