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Academic Service

Academic Service is one of the four main missions of Ramathibodi School of Nursing, with the aim to support and promote the academic service of the school to our society, to disseminate up-to-date academic knowledge to nurses both inside and outside the school, including national and international. As well as providing nursing services to patients by specialized nursing teachers, control and operate by an academic service committee with consists from each nursing division, accordance with the school's vision and KPI, as the following duties and responsibilities:

Provide academic services and training program to nurses by continuing education in nursing, this is to enhance or restore knowledge of nursing in various fields. Organize both national and international academic conferences. Preparing Ramathibodi Nursing Journal (4 month journal) with pass the quality of standard and has been partially funded by the Office of the Higher Education Commission. There is an internationalization management system with an editorial team, a specified number of external experts, acting as a peer review to review manuscript from the submitter.

Providing nursing services to patients by nursing teachers with specific expertise such as breast cancer care, abdominal ulcers care, child development care, and services the patients at two public health care centers at least 3 hours per month.

Bringing the knowledge of health to the people through various channels such as meetings, short-term training sessions, treatment groups, educating through media such as website

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