DD Lab


Associate Professor Dr. Donniphat Dejsuphong’s Lab | Program in Translational Medicine

Our Research
We are interested in gene and its function particularly genes involve in carcinogenesis, genome instability and DNA repair. Cancer cells required mutation to transform and invade normal tissue. Defects in DNA repair process cause accumulation of aberration in cancer cell genome. After transformation, rapidly dividing cancer cells need to maintain its DNA in the genome to prevent further aberration that leads to cell death. Understanding DNA repair pathway especially double strand breaks repair (DSBR) will give us an insight into development of cancer and finding new target for cancer treatment.
We use gene targeting techniques to generate knockout cell line for phenotypic study with several genes in DNA damage and repair pathways generated in-house and through our collaborators. We also made biosensors integrated into DNA repair cell lines for high throughput live cell imaging studies. 
Our other projects include identification of prevalence of single gene diseases in Thai population, analysis of novel gene function in cancer development and DNA repair pathway and role of DNA repair and recombination in gene editing and gene thera


Associate  Professor Dr. Donniphat Dejsuphong| Group Leader
Lecturer, Program in Translational Medicine  
Email: donniphat.dej@mahidol.ac.th

  • Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand; MD  Department of Radiation Genetics
  • Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University, Japan; PhD Department of Radiation Oncology
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School, USA; Postdoc Claire Hall Laboratories
  • The Francis Crick Institute, UK; Visiting Scientist