Curriculum : Revised 2022 (For Academic Year 2022-2026)

The BNS proposes the gram philosophy as follows: (Program philosophy) : 2022

           Ramathibodi The Philosophy of the Bachelor of Nursing Science Program developed on the foundation and consistency with the philosophy of the organization that connected and directed the education as follows;

          The Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation is a Thai government that directs and sets higher education standards with a higher education philosophy “To create graduates and develop the workforce of all ages (Lifelong Learning) to have morality, ethics, and essential competency, and support a rapid change in society and technology (Disruption) both now and in the future, as well as increase the competitiveness of the country at the international level and enhance the quality of life of the people.

         Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council is a professional organization directly related to the supervision of the competencies of nursing and midwifery practitioners. It is for nursing institutions to adopt as a guideline for teaching to produce graduates with complete human characteristics, able to sustain themselves in a multicultural society under the trend of globalization with borderless communication, have the potential for lifelong learning, have the ability to perform tasks in accordance with the standard framework and code of conduct, able to create work that benefits to oneself and society both in the local and global levels.

         Mahidol University has a philosophy that determines to make graduates aware that “True success is not in the learning, but in its application to the benefit of mankind.” The determination of education philosophy that “Administering education that focuses on learners’ achievements by means of a learning-centered approach for self-development of knowledge, abilities, and new skills.

         Ramathibodi School of Nursing has a philosophy that is consistent with Mahidol University philosophy “The integration of nursing education, research, and academic activity is an important factor leading to excellence in producing good quality nursing students, producing nursing research, and providing a good quality of academic affairs, which give the greatest benefits for mankind.

          From the philosophy and main concepts of such related organization, the philosophy of the Bachelor of Nursing Science Program of Ramathibodi School of Nursing is set and served as a guideline for education in order to achieve graduates according to their expected competencies as follows: “Ramathibodi School of Nursing aims to produce graduates with competency in nursing and midwifery according to professional and international standards. Emphasize the integration of knowledge of both science and art in providing holistic health care to individuals, families, and communities.” The educational concepts focus on the outcome-based education of learners, emphasis on learning-centered education, and promote transformative education, and lifelong learning. These are for learners to enhance their knowledge, abilities, and new skills on their own (Constructivism).

The program aims to develop learners to: (Program Education Objectives) : 2022

       1. Have morality, ethics, and code of conduct in the academic and profession of nursing and midwifery.

       2. Have the ability to practice nursing and midwifery by using empirical evidence or health innovation according to the standards and professional law in nursing, midwifery, and other related laws. Provide a holistic nursing care to all groups and ages by considering safety, rights of service providers and recipients, hospital quality system, cultural diversity, values, and benefits.

       3. Have the ability to conduct fundamental research and design innovation to increase the value of nursing and midwifery.

       4. ave the ability to use information technology and digital technology for learning and practice.

       5. Have life and work skills in the 21st Century and be global.

       6. Be a good citizen, promote and maintain traditions, cultures, beliefs, values, and arts, as well as promote democratic governance with the King as Head of State.