Curriculum : Revised 2017 (For Academic Year 2017-2021)

The BNS proposes the gram philosophy as follows: (Program philosophy) : 2017

“Ramathibodi School of Nursing believes that nursing is a profession that provides holistic care for humans by integrating knowledge of related sciences and arts, technologies, moral, ethics, and professional conduct. Nursing roles also include providing health promotion for individuals, families, and for communities enabling them to part of care, to have ability to self-care, to make decisions for health issues, to develop healthy environment, to be able to deal with health limitations and illness on the basis of safety, multicultural differences, and economic and health sufficiency philosophy ".

Nursing and midwifery education is the continuous management of theoretical and clinical experiences stressing on learner-centered. The program encourages students to integrate knowledge and evidences into practice in clinical settings as well as in communities. Students have opportunities to provide holistic care for individuals, families, and communities. They are incubated to have academic, clinical, critical thinking, technological, effective communication, leadership, team working, and life-long learning skills. They are also cultivated to have passionate mind and understand themselves and others, to have moral and ethical concerns, and to be proud of nursing and midwifery professions".

The program aims to develop learners to: (Program Education Objectives) : 2017

       1. Have moral and ethical concerns on academic and professional practice under nursing and midwifery Codes of Conduct (PE01)

       2. Be knowledgeable and be able to integrate nursing and related sciences and evidences into holistic nursing and midwifery practice for individuals,    families, and communities concerning safety, Cultural differences, benefits as well as rights of clients (PE02)

       3. Think systematically creatively, and critically (PE03)

       4. Apply knowledge about research methodologies develop innovative projects or researches to solve problems in nursing and midwifery (PE04)

       5. Be able to use information technology to improve nursing and midwifery knowledge and practice (PE05)

       6. Be leadership, understanding her / himself and others, use communication skills and express themselves appropriately, have volunteer minded, and be able to work in nursing-midwifery and multidisciplinary teams (PE06)

       7. Promote and maintain good traditions, beliefs, values and arts, Support democracy under the king as a leader, and be a good Thai citizen (PE07)