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Pediatric Nursing

Board Certified Training Program in Pediatric Nursing

Program Title:

Board Certified Training Program in Pediatric Nursing

Name of the Degree:

Full name : Diplomate, Thai Board of Advanced Practice in Pediatric Nursing
Abbreviation: Dip. APPN

Responsible Unit:

- Ramathibodi School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University

Program Curriculum: -


Objective: -

Graduates of the Diploma Advanced Nursing Training Program in pediatric nursing it will have the following features

1. Ability to design and perform direct care in patients / target users with quality.

2. Ability in care management including development and supervision of target groups. To receive quality care Efficient Continuously

3. Have the ability to think and analyze systematically. Use of empirical evidence And can present academic reports in both formal and informal formats. Through academic publications As well as other media

4. Ability to work with health personnel. And those involved (Collaboration) in joint actions to improve service results Effectively improve the health of children.

5. Ability to teach (Teaching), Guiding (Coaching) as a mentor in practice (Mentoring) and Consulting (Consulting) to service users / families, students and staff in the health team.

6. Have ethical decision-making skills in child and family nursing. And is an example of a practitioner of virtue, ethics, guiding and communicating correct thoughts and understanding. Health for society And has cultural sensitivity

7. Ability to lead changes in the nursing service organization and system. Able to use the information system And digital technology to improve the quality of care. Initiate programs to address health risks and threats And assess the outcome of health services

8. Play a role in health policy formulation suitable for society and the nation. That is fair Equality Ethical goodness And able to apply the policy into action effectively

Program Structure:

- Total 92 credits
- Required courses no less than 18 credits
- Elective courses 50 credits
- Thesis 24 credits

Time to Apply for Admission: 

Applicants can apply about November – December every year

Qualifications for trainees:

     Qualifications for trainees

1. Graduated with a Master's degree in Nursing, Major in Child Nursing. From the curriculum accredited by the Nursing Council

2. Have a first-class license to practice nursing and midwifery. Or first class nursing or first class nursing and first class midwifery up to date

3. There is a letter from the agency approved to attend the training.

4. Have other qualifications as specified by the Advanced College of Nursing and Midwifery of Thailand.


Selection method

To be in accordance with the regulations of the Nursing Council on the criteria for issuing a letter of approval or a certificate on knowledge or expertise in the profession of nursing and midwifery B.E. 2560 with the approval of the Nursing Council.

Admission Requirements:

Contact Person:
Tel. 02-201-0611