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Community Nurse Practitioner

Board Certified Training Program in Community Nurse Practitioner

Program Title:

Board Certified Training Program in Community Nurse Practitioner


Name of the Degree:

Full name : Diplomate, Thai Board of Advanced Community Nurse Practitioner
Abbreviation: Dip. ACNP


Responsible Unit:

- Ramathibodi School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University


Program Curriculum: - 



Nurse who has completed a Diploma Advanced Nursing Training Course Community Practice Nursing Must have the following qualifications

1. Have the ability to analyze. Health problems and determinants of health conditions and quality of life of individuals, families and communities.

2. Ability to design nursing programs / activities to strengthen individuals, families and community health service systems in the management and care of target groups. Disease specific group Groups with complex health problems effectively and continuously

3. Have the ability to strengthen family management. And community organizations and empowering people And social groups In health care And managing the factors determining the health and quality of life of individuals, families and communities.

4. Ability to work with community organizations, agencies and health personnel and other related fields. To improve the outcome of patient care Target groups and families, strengthening the community And empowering people and social groups in the community

5. Have the ability to teach. Practicing mentoring skills in appropriate counseling for patients, family users, caregivers, students, staff on health teams and other organizations.

6. Ability to develop and implement information systems and digital technology in patient / user care. Changes / improvements to the family system Community health service system Empowerment of individuals, families and social groups

7.Have the ability to lead organizations and systems to improve quality. And have a systematic mindset

8. Have morals and ethics to guide correctness and convey good health thoughts to society. Has cultural sensitivity And have ethical decision-making skills in nursing in their area of ​​expertise.

9. Have academic ability. And analytical thinking In empirical evidence use

10. It has the ability to improve the health of the people of the nation by promoting them. Disease prevention Dealing with chronic illness and common health problems of families and communities

11. Ability to manage and evaluate health care outcomes.


Program Structure:

- Total 92 credits
- Required courses no less than 18 credits
- Elective courses 50 credits
- Thesis 24 credits


Time to Apply for Admission:

Applicants can apply about November – December every year


Qualifications for trainees:

     Qualifications for trainees

1. Graduated with a Master's degree in Nursing. In the field of nursing, community practice or community nursing or family practice nursing from the curriculum accredited by the Nursing Council

2. Possess a current license to practice first-class nursing and midwifery or first-class nursing or first-class nursing and midwifery.

3. There is a letter from the agency approved to attend training.

4. Have other qualifications as specified by the Advanced College of Nursing and Midwifery of Thailand.


Selection method

To comply with the regulations of the Nursing Council Regarding Criteria for Issuing Approval Letter or Certificate on Knowledge or Expertise in the Nursing and Midwifery Profession B.E.


Admission Requirements:

Contact Person:
Tel. 02-201-0611