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Adult and Gerontological Nursing

  Board Certified Training Program in Adult and Gerontological Nursing

Program Title:

Board Certified Training Program in Adult and Gerontological Nursing


Name of the Degree:

Full name : Diplomate, Thai Board of Advanced Practice
                  in Adult and Gerontological Nursing

          Abbreviation: Dip. APAGN


Responsible Unit:

          - Ramathibodi School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University



Program Curriculum:         





Nurse who has completed a Diploma Advanced Nursing Training Course in Adult and Gerontology Nursing it will have the following features

              1. A person with a background in nursing science. Good knowledge of medical, public health, related concepts and theories. And it can be applied to holistic nursing care in one of the following specialization groups: chronic disease patients and people with disabilities. Critically and Acute Patients Cancer patients And emergency patients Injured and disaster victims

              2. Knowledge and understanding of health policy and systems. Finance of the health service system Especially involving patients / users in the specialist group And can be applied to the development and management of the service system appropriately.

Program Structure:

           - Total 92 credits
             - Required courses no less than 18 credits
             - Elective courses 50 credits
             - Thesis 24 credits

            3. Ability to be a leader in organizations and systems. Able to use the information system And digital technology In improving the quality of care Initiate projects Address the risks and health threats of adults and the elderly. And assess the outcome of health services

            4. Knowledge and understanding of medical technology. And modern nursing care for suitable use in patient care systems / users in specialist groups.

            5. Ability to perform direct care, be a clinical leader. And work with health workers And those involved (Collaboration) in managing holistic care in patients with complex health problems in specialized groups to improve the outcome of quality care.

            6. Ability to teach, direct, mentor, practice and mentor appropriate service users / families, students and staff in the health team.

           7. Have academic ability. Think critically in a systematic way Use empirical evidence and research and be able to present reports in both formal and informal formats. Through academic publications and other media

           8. Have morals and morality as a representative of the service user to create a fair health policy. Equality Able to direct truth and convey good health thoughts to society. Has cultural sensitivity

           9. A person who has knowledge, studies, research and can analyze problems by himself.

Program Structure:  Total 92 credits

  • Required courses no less than 18 credits

- Elective courses 50 credits

Thesis 24 credits

Qualifications for trainees:

        1. Graduated with a Master's degree in Nursing, Major in Adult Nursing or Geriatric Nursing. Or nursing adults and the elderly From the curriculum accredited by the Nursing Council

          2. Have a first-class license to practice nursing and midwifery. Or first class nursing Or first class nursing and first class midwifery Up to date

         3. There is a letter from the agency approved to attend training.

         4. Have other qualifications as specified by the Advanced College of Nursing and Midwifery of Thailand.


Selection method

          To comply with the regulations of the Nursing Council Regarding Criteria for Issuing a Letter of Approval or Certificate on Knowledge or Expertise in the Nursing and Midwifery Profession B.E. 2560 with the Approval of the Nursing Council Board

Time to Apply for Admission:

Applicants can apply about November – December every year


Admission Requirements:

Contact Person:
Tel. 02-201-0611