Educational Programs



Core educational training programs

Our department is one of fifteen departments within the Faculty that offer three educational program levels for physicians.

  • Undergraduate program for medical students (clinical teaching in the 6-year program of Medical Degree, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University)
  • Postgraduate programs for medical residents (3-year program)
  • Clinical Fellowship program for post-residency training in specific areas (1-year program)



Family Medicine Residency Training

The 3-year residency training curriculum includes a combination of core family medicine rotations and elective rotations. Under the close supervision of attending physicians, the first-year resident will focus on individual health care principles, which are emphasized in patient-centered medicine. The second-year resident physician will provide continuous ambulatory outpatient care and home visits to their regular patients. After acquiring their own patients, residents will develop a family-centered approach to primary care. Additionally, they have practiced in remote community hospitals where they had to apply their skills of family medicine to that community. The last year residents will learn how to be team leaders in instructing junior physicians and medical students. The training also incorporates elective rotations tailored to the interests of the resident, which can benefit their future careers as family physicians in diverse contexts across the country.


Elective rotation at Department of Family Medicine

Family medicine residents, as well as residents in other medical specialties and healthcare allies, are eligible to participate in a family medicine elective rotation. We also accept international resident physicians and medical students from a wide range of countries to participate in our elective program. (Additional fee may be applied for international elective rotation) Please contact Dr.Jitsaphan for more information at Email:


For Family Medicine resident physicians:

The optional rotation consists of the following 4 choices. (Duration: 1-2 months for each rotation)

  • Family Medicine rotation
  • Family Medicine and Geriatric family medicine combination
  • Family Medicine and Palliative Care combination
  • Palliative Care rotation (click here for more information)



For Health Allies

The department offers a music therapy elective to health care allies outside of the Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital. The rotations are separated into subcategories based on the interests of the applicant: (Additional fee may be applied)

1. Introduction to Music Therapy in Medical Setting (Intro to MT): Duration 1 day (8 hours)

Description: This is a one-day course that focuses on providing an introduction to hospital-based music therapy. The curriculum is separated into theory and practice. Learners will participate as recipients of music therapy services in order to experience its application. In addition, they can get experience through participating in various music therapy activities.


2. Music Therapy in Medicine (MT in medicine): Duration 1 month (120 hours)

Description: The objective of this one-month course is to provide an introduction to music therapy utilized in medicine. The course is divided into teaching and learning theories joint observation and instructor demonstrations. Students will engage in a variety of music therapy activities throughout the clinical process of music therapy, including patient assessment, formulating therapeutic goals and objectives, and musician therapy clinical practice.