Patient Rights

Patient Rights 
For good understanding between a patient and healthcare personnel, the Medical Council, Nurse Council, Pharmacist Council, Dentist Council, and Medical Licensing Committee of Thailand have announced the patient rights as below:
  1. Every patient has the rights under the constitution law to receive basic medical care.
  2. Every patient will receive health services from healthcare personnel, regardless of race, nationality, religion, social status, sex, age, political belief, and her/his disease or sickness.
  3. Except in emergency, every patient has the rights to know sufficient information regarding her/his sickness from the healthcare personnel in order to decide to allow any treatment from the healthcare personnel.
  4. In life threatening situation, every patient has the rights to receive needed treatments from healthcare personnel regardless the patient’s request.
  5. Every patient has the rights to know the name, surname, and profession of the healthcare personnel in charge.
  6. Every patient has the rights to get second or more opinion from other healthcare personnel, and she/he has the rights to change her/his healthcare provider.
  7. Unless the patient’s permission or approved legal authorization, healthcare personnel cannot disclose the patient’s information.
  8. In order to be in a medical trial/experiment or not, every patient has the rights to know thorough information.
  9. Per her/his request, every patient has the rights to know the information in her/his medical records. However, she/he cannot infringe the rights of others.
  10. In the case of a child under 18 years old or a patient with limited mentality, her/his father, mother, or legal guardian can exercise her/his patient rights.