Vision & Missions



To become a leading guide for national health advocacy and one of the foremost academic institutions in Thailand with an established international reputation.


  • To educate and generate medical graduates and specialists to meet high international standards.
  • To provide high quality of medical care with modern facilities and technology to the public.
  • To be the research center for medical innovations and public healthcare services.

    To educate and generate physicians, nurses and health science graduates of high potential to be the leaders of public health.
    To establish leading-quality health research of mixed methodology for the sake of the country’s public health solution and progress.
    Academic Service
    To be the leadership in health education.
    Medical Service
    To be the leader university hospital delivering excellence of health services in order to foster the development of  enhancing both academic and research activities.
    Health Promotion
    To be the leadership in campaigning and promoting the country’s health awareness to the society.

    Value “To be a Learning Organization with Integrity and Quality”