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At the establishment of Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital in 1965, Department of Anesthesiology, at that time known as the ‘Anesthesiology Unit’ in the Surgery Division located at 3rd floor of Building 1, was later established as the Department of Anesthesiology according to the Royal Decree for Establishment of Mahidol University dated 10th November 1970 and had moved to 5th floor. Later, the faculty requested temporary portions of the department’s space for the offices of Social Service, Public Relation and Personnel Division. After they have moved, Department of Anesthesiology utilized the area to expand into cabins for medical professors and residents up to date.

The Department of Anesthesiology is responsible for the teaching of Anesthesiology to years 5th and 6th medical students and certificate training for medical practitioner until 1984. After the modification of the medical doctor curriculum so that the medical students graduate with their practitioner certificate within 6 years without training session, hence, the department had also modified the curriculum respectively.

For postgraduate level education, the Department of Anesthesiology has been offering certificate courses since 1969, which was the Higher Graduate Diploma in Clinical Sciences previously. Apart from responsibility in the direct academic teaching, the Department of Anesthesiology is also aware of the responsibility for academic services to society in the medical profession, and had, therefore, initiated the graduate level teaching which is the residency training under the guidelines of the Medical Council of Thailand since 1972. It is a 3-year course where the trainee must pass the examination to be certified as knowledgeable experts in medical anesthesiology.

In addition to the residency training program, the department has also been offering nurse anesthetist training program since 1970 to assist anesthesiologists in patient treatment which can help to solve the current problem of anesthesiologist scarcity. The program aims to train and produce knowledgeable nurse anesthetist who can work efficiently under the supervision of the responsible medical practitioner to facilitate the government medical development project.



To be a leading institute that provides efficient and quality service in anesthesiology in Asia by emphasizing on tertiary care.



  1. Produce quality medical graduates, anesthesiologists, and nurse anesthetist.
  2. Create quality research that can be implemented for real use.
  3. Provide services in anesthesiology according to the standard by centering the patient.
  4. Continuously improve the quality of patient services.
  5. Reduce complications in providing anesthesia services.
  6. Maintain systematic and continuous risk management.



  1. Produce medical graduates, anesthesiologists, and nurse anesthetist with competency according to the criteria of the Medical Council and Royal College of Anesthesiologists of Thailand.
  2. Research works are of good quality and can be implemented for real use.
  3. Patients are safe by receiving services according to professional standards.
  4. Patients are satisfied with the service by centering the patient.
  5. Acquire development in work systems, equipment and personnel for quality and efficiency.
  6. Acquire the potential to continuously improve service quality according to the hospital quality development standards.
  7. Acquire good collaborations between professional services, teaching and research.



Work intently, service rapidly, teach attentively,

Research enthusiastically, move forwards with our faculty.



Work together for impressive service and all lives saved by Ramathibodi Anesthesiology