Trauma Surgery and Surgical Critical Care

History of Trauma Surgery and Surgical Critical Car Unit 
     History : Prof.Prem Buri Head of the Department of Surgery. Conservation International and Dr.Chinda, Deputy Head of the Department of Surgery. Unplanned development department in all aspects of teaching in the early stages arranged for students in Broward morning afternoon evening with resident doctors put more patients and teaching methods injections, dressings IV catheterization, etc. there are extra academic instruction Watching films Reading and interpreting tests. The track's medical staff on duty each student wards regularly. And even holidays In Saturday's meeting with professors, students learn some subjects in medical students divided into small groups of five people each on a separate medical students to study in different disciplines. Blended learning has to go through the department every morning at 8:00 to 9:00 pm. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, a panel discussion. And debated in academic professors. Residency And experts in various fields As a result, academic atmosphere in the department. With a concentration So conscientious student The force of the shock, doctors and teachers are eager to teach, regardless of place and time. Pictures students practice nurses in the evening would always see familiar. Although these students will take a lot of work on the wards. The results measured on the exam was not impaired at all. Department of General Surgery techniques to improve diagnosis. And surgical diseases And a public health problem Patients receive good treatment lost less complications. And losing fewer resources, such as a Bypass Surgery in gastrointestinal diseases. Gastrointestinal surgery Colorectal surgery The use of surgery combined with chemotherapy in cancer. The radiation treatment, which had been used originally and have more complications. Effects of therapy by means of these appear to be referring to references in the medical and Thailand regularly.