Roles and Main Activities


  1. Providing consultation, diagnostic suggestions and treatments for patients with toxicity from drugs or chemicals.
  2. Providing medical services on information of drug use, directions of treatment, effects of pharmaceutical agents, drug adjustments, drug reactions as well as symptoms from side-effects.
  3. Providing information of chemical substances related to occupational health and environment.
  4. Providing medical treatment and allowing referral hospitals for severely poisoned patients or patients with other complications and need of antidote treatment.
  5. Providing service on laboratory analysis for toxic or heavy metallic substances including monitoring drug levels in the blood.

Main Activities

  1. Providing consultations via telephone, fax, letter and the Internet throughout 24 hours.
  2. Providing the service of data searches from the existing database.
  3. Providing information written in Thai on toxicology and pharmacology via the Center's homepage.
  4. Providing the stockpile of antidotes for treatment of poisoned patients.