Criteria for Consideration of Granting Health Privilege to Non-Thai Patients at Ramathibodi Hospital

Criteria for Consideration of Granting Health Privilege to Non-Thai Patients at Ramathibodi Hospital


Required Documents

1. Certificate of Marriage

    1.1 Certificate of Marriage (original) if married to a Thai spouse inside Thailand

    1.2 Certificate of Marriage (original), translated into Thai in the case of overseas registration and the translation original must be certified by the consulate of that country

2. The patient must be registered in the original House Registration Book (blue book ONLY; registration in the yellow version is not acceptable)

3. Evidence of tax payment in Thailand (receipts, current tax payer’s ID card)

4. The patient must have Social Security, Health Insurance, or Civil Servants’ Health Rights in the case that the patient’s spouse is a civil servant or state enterprise worker (each privilege must be checked and confirmed for any updates beforehand)

    4.1 Patient uses civil servants’ health rights as his spouse

4.1.1 The patient must have his fingerprints scanned for registration for direct disbursement at the Medical Records Department, Counter 6, Somdech Phra Deparatana Medical Center and New Patients Registration Unit, Main Building from 07:00 – 15:00 hrs. (except on national holidays)

4.1.2 If the patient does not want to register for direct disbursement, he can advance his payment and ask for receipts to disburse through his spouse’ system

4.2 Patient uses his social security

4.2.1 If the patient has his social security registered at Ramathibodi Hospital, he can directly use that right

4.2.2 If the patient has his social security registered at another hospital and wants to be treated at Ramathibodi Hospital, a referral letter must be sent from that hospital where the social security is registered. The letter must clearly state the patient’s name for verification. And the patient should contact the Health Service Unit to change the type of health privilege in the hospital system into either Privilege certified for transferred patient with social security; or National treatment price in the case that the patient is responsible for his own expenses.

4.3 Patient has health insurance at specified medical centers stated on the insurance card. This case can be divided into two types;

4.3.1 The patient wishes to use the privilege: the patient must have a referral letter from the medical center claiming responsibility for all treatment expenses (Medical Records officer choose “Non-Resident V.” in the system. The patients, then, contact Health Services Unit)

4.3.2 The patient does not wish to use the privilege (Medical Records officer choose “Non-Resident V.” in the system) and the patient is responsible for all expenses.

5. The patient was born in Thailand; the case is divided into two types

    5.1 The mother or father holds Thai national but the patient has not been given a nationality, the patient can be granted a Thai-national rate for the treatment (Medical Records officer does not specify the type of privilege in the system)

    5.2 The mother and father of the patient do not have Thai nationality, the patient is not able to receive treatment at the same rate as Thai-national patient.



  1. For OPD, if the privilege has been approved (cash; Thai rate; in the system), the patient can always use this privilege without the need to renew it every month or every year.
  2. For IPD, from the minutes of meeting at Somdech Phra Deparatana Medical Center, the officer must check for privilege status.                                                                                       
  3. All consideration for privilege must be verified with a valid ID, e.g. passport


*Health Service Unit, Health Care Management

- Somdech Phra Deparatana Medical Center Tel. (66)-2200-4016-7 Available hours 06:00 – 16:00 hrs.

- Main Building Tel. (66)-2201-1362-3 Available hours 06:00 – 23:00 hrs.