Disbursement Project

Disbursement Project


Person who are entitled to apply the project are as follows;

1. Government officer
2. Permanent officer
3. Pensioners who obtain the right to medical treatment welfare according to the Royal Decree regarding social assistance with respect to medical care.
4. Member of the family of the above mentioned (father, mother, spouse, and 3 children) Not cover to provincial government officer, officer of the state enterprises and officer of other government units.

Require Documents to apply for the disbursement project.

- For outpatient

1. National Identity card (original)
2. Patient card (if the patient has not acquired one, please apply at the new registration counter no.6, Registration Unit, Medical Records Section, building 1, or at counter no.4, Medical Records Section, 1st floor, Somdech Phra Debaratana Medical Center during official working day (MON - FRI 7 AM- 3 PM)
3. In case the member of the family entitled to the right is a child under 15 years old, please provide birth certificate, house registration and National Identity card (original)

Office to apply for the disbursement project.
1. Counter no.6 Registration Unit, Medical Records Section, 1st floor, building 1 during official working day between 7 AM - 3 PM Tel. 0-2201-1120
2. Counter no.6 Medical Records Section, 1st floor, Somdech Phra Debaratana Medical Center building during official working day between 7 AM - 3 PM Tel. 0-2200-4013-15

Procedure for the registration of the scan of finger prints for the Disbursement Project.
1. Patient declares their intention to join the project showing National Identity card (original) and the patient card.
2. Officer checks the right of applicant from personnel database of the Comptroller General’s Department, Bangkok.
    - If the name reveals true: Officer provides application form to the applicant.
    - If the name is unrevealed: the applicant is required to contact their original affiliation in order to submit update information in the data base of the personnel of the government in the file of the Comptroller General’s Department, Bangkok. When complete, the applicant can duly be enrolled.
3. Officer calls for the patient to pick up the application form, fill in the date, month, year of birth, telephone number, and sign the form. The applicant is also required to specify the person who will be a representative to receive the medicine on their behalf (if any) then pays the registration fee of THB 50 at the cashier counter.
4. The patient returns the application form to the officer for checking correct information, then records data, and waits for fingerprints scan process. The representative is required to do fingerprint scan too.
5. The patient or their representative will scan fingerprints upon officer calls their name.
6. The patient will receive their patient card and identity card in return, and will receive officer’s advice about the right.
7. The patient will be able to use the right of the disbursement project after the scan of the fingerprints approximately 15 - 20 days.

Advice for the patients who are their name unrevealed in database of the Comptroller General’s Department, Bangkok.

1. Contact the registrar at their original affiliation submitting information to be updated.
2. In case of the patient is using the right of tending person; the patient is required to inform the tending person to proceed as no.1
3. When the patient’s name will have been revealed in the system, the patient can register for the application of the right for disbursement at every governmental medical clinic.
4. The Comptroller General’s Department will update database every 15 days. (every the 4th and the 18th day of the month)
     Note:  1. A person can apply for the right of disbursement as outpatient more than one hospital. (Non-limit to the number of hospital)
               2. Due to the government officer who has a part-time job is also entitled to the right of Social Welfare Insurance so its means there is duplicate right of welfare, such a that, they cannot apply to  the disbursement project. However, the members of their family will still remain the right in receiving payment for the medical treatment expense by the government .
3. The inpatient that has already provided up to date personal information and acquired the right, therefore, does not need to produce a letter from his government unit but can directly contact Inpatient Department, 2nd floor, building no.1


For more information please contact;
- Medical Records Section Tel. 0-2201-1120, 0-2200-4013 to 15 during working day  between 7 AM - 3 PM
- Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme Group, the Comptroller General’s Department Tel. 0-2127-7000 ext. 4100
Bangkok Tel. 0-2224-4681 or 0-2221 2141 to 69 ext. 16