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Learning Resource Administration Division 

           The impact of information technology and changes in the methods of academic publication from print to digital has changed the role of the library as the repository of the printed format custodian into 24 hours accessible resources. Section of Learning Resource Administration  sets a continuous expansion best proactive service and marvelous electronic information to achieve the digital era. We provide health science information and services, with a collection of over 700,000 books (Thai and English), journals over 400 titles (Thai and English), newspaper, including 500 VCD and over 40 online databases.   Providing information user education via training and orientation by well trained health science librarians.

Information management as following:

1)  As the member of   MULINET (Mahidol University Library Network)

  so we  join to use Millennium System for information
  materials management with the Mahidol University Library
  and Knowledge Center and other Mahidol libraries faculties.
  We are the first library using Millennium System in Thailand
  provide  full option in RFID support for borrow and return book
  including fine menu.

2)  Web portal setting in the library website is the main concept to lead to the world wide information searching.

3)  EBM services is the most important to encourage the end users to concern and approach for searching.

4) Electronics databases in health sciences comprise of E-journals, E-books, E-Theses are subscribed to support the education research  academic and health service.

5) E-library service serves all end users to renew and hold Information materials via online by end user himself  in 24 hrs. by library website (http://library.ra.mahidol.ac.th)

we  have already developed  the HOT SERVICES menu ,

E-BOOKS for Medical student and PhD menu, Included the Interlibrary

Loan Request for ( MULIBs) menu. (http://library.ra.mahidol.ac.th/requestli/font.html)

6) To support Mahidol University libraries interlibrary loan and the paperless concept. We developed also the Book Delivery Web service (http://library.ra.mahidol.ac.th/delivery/deli/) to serve the Ramathibodi Faculty staffs only.

7)  For cooperate social responsibility (CSR) we set the books/journals  donation  (http://libraryforsocial.blogspot.com) and (http://library.ra.mahidol.ac.th/donation/)

8)  We set 176 PCs

  the end users can easily select to use because
  we control by Class Control program including
  Print Control service by using smart card. 
  We embedded the high technology to control the
  whole teaching in class called  E-Leaning Class
  Program. To clear the data inside the computer
  we use Recovery Card.

9) VDO on Demand Zone Service

10) Edutainment corner Service

11) E-Exhibition Service

12) 3 study rooms and 1 meeting room Service

13) Digital Signage to inform the information and announcement.

14) There are 8 display zones

  for Ramathibodi Archives and Museum  to be
  as the fully historical resources of Ramathibodi.
  The public can access the information via

15)  We serve the 9 Clinical Skill Laboratory rooms

  with high technology audiovisuals for students.

16) High technology audiovisuals 13 Meeting rooms/lecture rooms   

  service  for students and academics support.
  Online Booking Room Program is developed to
  serve the current reservation.

17) We control the digital Signage

  of the building to inform the
  emergent and important announcement.

Multi -  routes  to inform the end users

1.  E-mail and link to original sources

2.  Web blog to display the health sciences information support.  http://library.ra.mahidol.ac.th/infolib/
3.   Faculty  outlook program

4    Ramathibodi Library News and activities blog  http://ramalibrary-acnews.blogspot.com/

RtoR (Routine to Research):

1)   Ramathibodi Medical  Library satisfaction : Using   LibQual+
The results of this research were as followings:   the overview of the quality of library service was high ( 80 %) . The end users mostly satisfied in high education performance enhancement and the library was helpful in education, research and high teaching level. This evidence indicated that Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Library was the one unit full supporting the core mission of the organization. However, the library website should be edit to help easily access the information. 

2)   The Relation between the   books purchased 2009 and the using of Faculty of Ramathibodi Hospital.

It was found that the purchased books in class WB (Practice of Medicine) was the most purchased (18.77 %) The second and third  were   WO (Surgery) (9.38 %) and WS (Pediatrics) (7.12 %). The most usage book was WB (Practice of Medicine)  (12.03 %) the second and third were  WY (Nursing)  (11.98 %) and  WO (Surgery ) (7.38 %). It was found that  QY (Clinical Pathology) (0.06 %) was the least usage and no usage  in  KZ (Law of nations) and  P (Philology, Linguistics).  When compared between the 309 purchased books in 2009 and their usages  it was found that the usage per volume was 5.57 and the most usage per volume was class WM(Psychiatry)   in NLM classification (14.33  per volume).