Department of Community Medicine

The Department of Community Medicine originated since the beginning of the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital in 1968 (B.E. 2511) in order to address the need to produce doctors prepared to work in the rural area. It first started as the "Community Medicine Project" consisting of faculty members from various departments including the Departments of Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics and others. In 1983 (B.E. 2526), a formal unit called "Community Medicine Center" was established, with its status equivalent to a department. From that point on, the center recruited new faculty members to teach community medicine to medical students. The center changed its name to the "Office of the Community Medicine Center" in 1996 (B.E. 2539)


In 2010 (B.E. 2553), it changed its name to what we today call the "Department of Community Medicine."

The Department of Community Medicine is responsible for teaching medical students as well as post-graduate students in epidemiology, and collaborating with other organizations within and outside the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital in order to study, conduct research, and improve health systems. Its research focuses on epidemiology, disease control and prevention, health promotion, occupational medicine, and health systems improvement, with continuing streams of research studies proposing recommendations to drive the country's health policy.