About RCCC

 Ramathibodi Comprehensive Cancer Center: RCCC



At the Ramathibodi Comprehensive Cancer Center, our cancer specialists are dedicated to providing our cancer patients the best possible treatment and quality of care. Multi-disciplinary teams see patients whose personalized treatment planning is required.


Key success factor for RCCC

• Multidisciplinary teams’decision making for cancer care plan

• Expertise in cancer specialty treatment& care

• Good process and work flow


Future plan

• Multidisciplinary clinic (One stop cancer specific clinic)

• Chemotherapy ward

• Home chemotherapy

• Research collaboration (translational and basic science)


Under the management of Ramathibodi Comprehensive Cancer Center

     1) Multidisplinary Clinic and conference:

At the Ramathibodi multidisciplinary clinic and conference, cancer specialists from surgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology, radiology and pathology holistically review patient information. Final plans of treatment consensus then are made upon discussion in the multidisciplinary team.


     2) Nurse Coordinator:

Case management nurses at Ramathibodi comprehensive cancer center are qualified specialized nurses who facilitate the patients and their family to go through all the complex process of care. They work closely with cancer patients and family to evaluate patients’ needs and come up with comprehensive care plan to achieve their preferences and goals.


     3) Ramathibodi Hospital-based Cancer Registry (RCR)

We systematically collect incidence and survival data on all cancer patients who are diagnosed and received treatment at Ramathibodi hospital. This information is analyzed to optimize patient care, evaluation, planning for administration, education and research.


     4) Tumor Biobank

The tumor biobank project has been initiated to enhance the research facility and education. The tumor tissue and body fluid samplesfrom cancer patients are systematically collected and stored for further analysis. Clinicians and scientists are able to request for molecular analysis of these samples. This information may be beneficial to the innovation of investigation and treatment that is more suitable for Thai and Asian patients