Guideline for Thesis Preparation

Faculty of Graduate, Mahidol University is required for the students to write research reports as part of their degree requirements according to the curriculum. The thesis preparation guideline and examples of writing can be found on the FGS website ( Ramathibodi MNS program options offer one study plan that is type 2 focusing on course work and conduct a thesis of 12 credits. In addition, in the year 2023 the MNS program will provide the type 1 study plan conducting a thesis only. In a master’s thesis a student has conducted standard research, which presents additional or new knowledge/results. A thesis paper can be divided into 3 sections: 1) Preliminary section includes outer cover, title page, entitle page, approval page, acknowledgement page, abstract page, contents, list of tables, list of figures, list of illustrations, and list of abbreviations; 2) Body of text consist of introduction, main text, and summary and/or suggestion, and 3) Reference section and Back matter included list of references, appendices, and author’s biography. For more detail of Body of text, introduction is in the first chapter of the thesis that provides background information and indicates the significance of the problem, research objectives, conceptual framework, scope, brief methodology and benefits. The main text composted of many chapters including one chapter of a literature review detailing relevant concepts, theories and previous research works. There should be a chapter detailing comprehensive research methodology employed, steps taken, type of documents, information or equipment used and the manner in which they were obtained, research findings and analysis as well as discussion. For the summary section the student must summarize the whole thesis indicating limitations of the research and providing suggestion for further research efforts, research benefits and applications.

During thesis process and conduction, the student must report your progress and research performance to Thesis Advisory Committee (GR 42 form) every semester. The major advisor and program director have to check for and prevent dishonesty in the thesis by contacting the student and checking their progress at least once a month. To evaluate the student’s progress in thesis, letter grade “P”, “S”, or “U” is assigned for each semester that the students are still working on thesis. After completion of thesis writing, the thesis examination will be set and it be open to a general audience. The thesis examination result will be informed to the student and be submitted the result of thesis examination to the Faculty of Graduate. The student has to complete his/her thesis following the committee’s suggestions and summit the e-thesis with a report of similarity index (GR 50 Turnitin Originality Report). A requirement for completion of a master’s degree of Mahidol University, the master student must publish his/her thesis in a peer reviewed journal.

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