Balanced scorecard, Supplies Section, 2015-2019

Balanced scorecard, Supplies Section, 2015-2019



·       Obtaining quality and appropriate supplies which are timely
        and cost-effective;

·       Being more satisfied with provided services.



·       Using the system of central procurement;

·       Bargaining for lower prices in procurement process;

·       Reusing supplies within the faculty;

·       Setting standard pricing for price comparison in procurement;

·       Cost-saving management of supplies.



·       Developing a selection system of quality supplies/ seller assessment;

·       Improving operating procedure in accordance with W1;

·       Introducing the operating procedure to committee members;

·       Applying quality assessment system to supplies system;

·       Capacity building and moral boosting of personnel;

·       Creating a PA and implementing evaluation;

·       Enhancing the efficiency of SAP/B1.


Learning and Growth

·       Developing personnel in accordance with the Competency Model;

·       Creating an awareness in personnel of Standard Operating Procedure;

·       Increasing communication efficiency within and without the



Accuracy, speed, transparency,

          Benefiting society,

    For faculty sustainability.