Continuing Medical Technology Education (CMTE)

The Continuing Medical Technology Education, or CMTE, at first must be conformed with the Art of Healing Act B.E. 2479 which was overseen by a committee to prevent any malpractice that can cause damage to the public. After that, the Act of Healing B.E. 2542 has specified that each branch of the art must have a committee to oversee all medical practice are suitable and effective. It is an organization that controls the art of healing and promotes the advancement of the profession. The Medical Technology Profession Committee registers and issues medical licenses in medical technology as well as controls, promotes, develops, and sets standards for the medical practice in the field of medical technology. The Medical Technology Profession Committee is regulated under the Medical License Committee. In 2004, the Act of the Medical Technology Profession was released and has been effective since October 23, 2004 and, according to the Act of the Medical Technology Profession B.E. 2547, the command is separated from the Medical License Committee and established the Medical Technology Council. The Medical Technology Council promotes the profession, sets and controls the standard of practice and prevents any malpractice from unqualified personnel to avoid damage to the public. Announcements by The Medical Technology Council

Mahidol University Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital is an affiliated institute of the Continuing Medical Technology Education. An academic conference: The 5th Meeting of South East Asian Pharmacogenomics Research Network (SEAPharm) Symposium for Genetic and Genomic-Guided Personalized Medicine was held in South East Asia during July 14-16, 2017 at the Radisson Blu Plaza. For more detail, please visit the Continuing Medical Technology Education website at