Center for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education (CCPE)

The pharmaceutical profession works with medicine which is significant to people’s health and life. Due to the drug industry is being constantly developed and to assure the public that the pharmaceutical personnel has the knowledge, competence, and experience to meet standards and updates, the Pharmacy Council Committee has agreed to set up a continuous study for the pharmaceutical personnel and has appointed a subcommittee to manage the continuing education system under the Pharmacy Council Order 10/2554 on March 23, 2001. Therefore, the continuing education is a strategy to guarantee that the public will get pharmaceutical services from personnel with up-to-date and standardized knowledge and competence and to improve the quality of the profession. The continuing education also acts as criteria for issuing and renewal of the license. Questions on Continuing Pharmaceutical Education

Mahidol University Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital is an affiliated institute of the Mahidol University Faculty of Pharmacy through the Pharmacy Council. An academic conference: Advancing Hospital Pharmacy Practice toward Optimal Patient Care was held during February 20-21, 2017. For more detail, please visit the Center for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education website at