About Department



         The Department of Otolaryngology started operations simultaneous to the founding of the Faculty
of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital (1965). It was then part of the Department of Ophthalmology, which
was named "Department of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology" and comprised two major units : the
Ophthalmology Unit and the Otolaryngology Unit.

          In practice, the administration of these two units was separate from the very begining, both in the
teaching of medical students, the training of residents and the provision of medical treatment through
physical examinations or through surgery. In 1967 (two years before the hospital officially opened), the
Otolaryngology Unit started its residency training program. Regarding medical service, the Otolaryngology
Unit's Communication Disorders Clinic", the first of its kind in Thailand and in Southeast Asia, provides
diagnostic services for hearing and speech. From experience at the clinic, the department later developed
the Communication Disorder Program, a master's degree program first offered in 1976. In 1977 , the
Otolaryngology Unit proceeded to separate itself from the Department of Ophthalmology and
Otolaryngology and establish itself as the Department of Otolaryngology. It received approval from the
Ministsy of University Affairs in 1980

            The Department's main responsibilities are:

       1.  Teaching The department is responsible for 5 programs of study, namely:
            1.1  Otolaryngology for medical students
            1.2  Otolaryngology specialist training (residents)
            1.3  Master of Science Program in Communication Disorder
            1.4  Bachelor of Science Program in Communication Disorder
            1.5  Continuing Residency Program for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

       2.  Research Department faculty members conduct clinical and basic science researches which are
            regularly published in domestic and foreign journals.
       3.  Administration The department is responsible for providing out-patient treatment at the Ear Nose 
            throat chinie, the Communication Disorders Clinic, the operating room unit and the in-patient unit.
       4.  Academic Service The department focuses its efforts on encouraging medical personnel to share
            their academic knowledge inside and outside the department and to provide knowledge about
            Otolaryngology through print media, radio and television. It provides information about health
            and health care for clients, organizes mobile service units and organizes academic lectures through
             the mass media.
       5.  Health Promotion The department is continuously striving to develop its work, holding weekly
            faculty meetings and monthly lead clinical team meetings to facilitate smooth, efficient and effective

          Head, Department of Otolaryngology               Assit Prof.Thongchai  Bhongmakapat 
          Assistant , Department of Otolaryngology        
            Head , Lecturers and Staff, Department of Otolaryngology

       Chira  Siriphoti

       Founder Head, Department of Otolaryngology

        Since, 1968

         Prof.Poonpit Amatyakul

         Head, Department of Otolaryngology

         Since, 1980-1985


Assoc. Prof.Prapoj Klongsusuek

          Head, Department of Otolaryngology

          Since, 1985-1992


          Prof.Boonchu Kulapaditharom

          Head, Department of Otolaryngology

          Since, 1992-2000


           Prof.Somyos  Kunachak

           Head, Department of Otolaryngology

         Since, 2000-2005


          Asst. Prof.Wichit  Cheewaruangroj

          Head, Department of Otolaryngology

          Since, 2005-2013