Multidisciplinary clinic

  1. Multidisplinary clinic



          At the Ramathibodi Comprehensive Cancer Center, our experts are dedicated to providing our cancer patients the best treatment and quality of care possible. Patients are seen by multi-disciplinary teams for individualized treatment plans.


  2. Tumor conference



          The multidisciplinary clinic begins with a morning conference attended by specialists from surgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology, radiology, and pathology. Each patient is discussed and pathology specimens are reviewed in detail. Treatment recommendations then are proposed and discussed among the multidisciplinary group.

  •  RS conference
  •  Tumor conference
  •  ENT conference
  •  Pediatric Conference
  •  Breast conference
  •  Brain tumor conference
  •  Hematpathology & hematomed conference
  •  Ortho-Radio-Patho Conference (ORP conference)
  •  Lung conference
  •  Colorectal with Liver Metastasis Conference
  •  Hepatocellular carcinoma & Cholangiocarcinoma conference
  •  Sarcoma conference
  •  Endocrine tumor conference
  •  Gynecological conference
  •  Gynecological RT conference
  •  Gynecological pathology conference
  •  Gynecological psychosocial conference