Division of Academic Affairs is originally a part of Dean’s Office, called "Academic Department", with Professor Wandee Warawit as a Deputy Dean of the Academic Department.
In 1992 during Professor Vivat Visuthikosol was the Deputy Dean of Academic Department, the 7th edition of the Higher Education Plan -known as the "Plan 7"- was established, brought in the reorganization of the Dean’s Office by confining the Academic Department to be more specific as "Academic and Research Services Division", which was approved to be a division in 1996, with Ms. Kwan-Nimit Tulawatana being the supervisor until 2003.
In the same year, under the supervision of Professor Krisada Ratana-olarn "Academic and Research Services Division" has reorganized again by separating research services from academic services. Which was approved the reorganization in 2004 by establishing a research services section to be a department under the Dean’s Office called "Research Department" and academic services section to be a division called "Division of Academic Affairs" since then.

Division of Academic Affairs had another reorganization under the supervision of Professor Vachira Kochakarn, Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs, by dividing the Continuing Medical Education Section and the Library Section apart from Division of Academic Affairs, in accordance with the resolution of "The 12th/2006 Faculty Committee Meeting" on Thursday 15 June 2006 ; both sections are having new status as “Division” and allowing the Library Section to change its name to "Division of Learning Resource Administration".

Division of Academic Affairs is the main division that supports the mission in academic services. Responsible for collecting, recording and reporting the progress of academic services of the faculty.
At present, Division of Academic Affairs is under the supervision of Professor Dr. Sarikapan Wilailak, M.D. Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs and Culture.


  • Create a system and mechanism to support proactive academic services
  • Academic strengthening for the faculty level and network institutions
  • Academic driving and guidance in national and international level
  • Preserving and integrating the aesthetics of art and culture into students, Personnel and society